September 28, 2017


and the world
in a flash
fell all apart

why am i here?
what am i doing?
why am i here?

retracing my steps
can't find my old path
i stand alone

when the world
fell apart
i created my own

September 12, 2017


Since my last post, I've purchased one kindle book for $1.99 and I felt a little guilty about that.

Guilt. The worst.

I'm still trying to be intentional about finding alternatives to Amazon and while it's hard, I do find that I'm learning a very awful lesson in patience. Not my strong suit. But I'm also learning that I don't need all the things I'd been buying in the past. Duh, I know. But having Amazon at your fingertips, any thought of something that would be nice to have can be quickly materialized in 2 days right to your front door step.

I'd love a rainbow umbrella! Done.
It'd be so great to have some new cutting boards! Done.
I bet my hair would look better if I had a curling wand! Done.

All actual thoughts I've had recently.

In some cases, I'll even get in the car and head to Target to see if those items are sold there. And if I do find something similar, I stand there mulling over whether I reeeaaally need it and then usually decide that no, I don't.

This has saved me many a dollar.
Not many a minute.

But that's ok.

If I'm being honest, and I always am, HA!, my boycott has been downgraded to a mild aversion and a sort of last resort option.

This has been a good catalyst for an overall paring down. And so, I'm happy my outrage brought me to a simpler place.

I still hate that people read and believe the bullshit that Breitbart propagates. It's an ugly worldview that I wish didn't exist but I've come to my version of acceptance combined with action, and that's really all we can do, yes?