May 5, 2017


I just deleted my Amazon app, canceled my Amazon Prime and Audible accounts, and will not continue to buy Kindle books.

Deep breath.

Amazon has been my go-to for pretty much everything, for years. I enjoy the free 2 day shipping on many an item and admittedly, it will be super hard to stop the habit and take my money elsewhere. But I'm doing it and am sure I'll survive and perhaps, even save money!

I'm doing all this because despite repeated requests to stop advertising on Breitbart, they continue to do so. They have made no statements as to why they are making this choice because frankly, they don't have to. Most of us have so fully integrated Amazon into our daily lives that they don't even need to justify their decisions. We'll just forgive them their discretions and continue enjoying the glorious convenience they provide.

"Oh, I'd love some new chopsticks for my house. I bet Amazon has some! Look at that, they do and they're cheap and they're colorful and they'll be here in 2 days! Hooray! What, Amazon pays money to advertise alongside Breitbart's racist and misogynist articles? Hmm, that sucks and I feel really bad about that but I mean, Amazon Prime is my lifeline, seriously. And I mean, who am I to say that maybe those white nationalist guys shouldn't enjoy the same privileges? I mean, they may like to get their crisp white sheets in 2 days with free shipping. Free speech, right? We're all Americans, right? Free enterprise! Muslims can order their hijabs on Amazon. KKK aficionados can order their...their...well, whatever it is they order online. Canceling my account won't change that."

To this totally plausible scenario, I say, um, no. In the same way Uber experienced a mass exodus of customers after it seemed they were profiting off the Muslim ban protests and then made a public statement and withdrew from Trump's economic council, Amazon could take a stand against the idiocy and ignorance of Breitbart.

But it won't happen unless we first take a stand.


  1. America's a free country. Let it stay that way. Don't start with demands for boycots as there's no limit to this.

  2. Not demanding anything. Just presenting my POV and my choice in this free country to take my money elsewhere. Thanks for the comment, I didn't think anyone read this thing anymore. ;)

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