March 10, 2016



Coming at you live from my home office/storage room/workout area. Kids are napping, laundry is washing, dog is fed, and I have a minute or two to myself in which I must decide if I will a) blog, b) write thank you cards, c) clean other areas of the house, d) exercise, or e) none of the above and sit on the couch watching reruns of property brothers or fixer upper. 

I have chosen wisely, I feel. 

ah shit, the little one's awake. do you see what i mean by one minute!? 


ok THAT, up there, right there, was written in august of 2015. i apparently never made it back from the baby waking abyss. I often reside there happily as it turns out but good news! i'm here and alive and kinda, sorta, ready to talk about how we potty trained the kid. we'll see how it goes, at least. 


they say boys take longer to feel ready for this. boys, being the males that they are, (hi, i'm sexist it seems) perhaps don't mind sitting in their own soiled garments? as the mom of two boys, it seems a valid point. though, with no baby girls to compare them to, i can only guess at how they feel about the whole pee/poo pants party. 

anywho, since i'd heard this theory much, i decided not to even attempt to train until he was super close to 3 and i was super close to losing my shit over wiping his shit. since his birthday is in september, and it was done in july, i feel i have reason to be proud. ...of my endurance? hmmm

the week we made it happen was deemed a naked week. a naked, probably don't leave your house much, prepare for lots of accidents, week. there were potties everywhere. bathrooms, obvi. hallways. cars. playrooms. bedrooms. backyard.... we weren't taking this lightly. after the first few days, we eliminated the potty parade and would, instead, run to the bathroom. he peed on himself once and was like, woah, not cool mom. he pooped on the carpet in the living room exactly twice! super fun memories. 

after a week, we were pretty good at home. we kept a potty in the car for a month after, i'd say. it came in handy A LOT. many a parking lot was blessed with the boy's pee. many a bush. a few trees.

at night, what did we do? diapers for a few days but i wanted to really commit so we just used underwear. he peed his bed quite a few times, i won't lie. that wasn't my favorite but it stopped relatively quickly and it wasn't every night so ya know, no pain no gain things. 

the point is, you can do this! yes! 

a few accidents have happened since. and there are times he'll dampen his unders before exclaiming, " oops! i have to go to the bathroom, be right back!" 

and we are still in the wiping the bum stage. wherein he calls out to us, after he's done with his biz, to "come wipe my bum!!!" it's a small price to pay for no diapering. i'm not emotionally prepared to tackle moving beyond that quite yet. I figure I have until preschool time, which i suppooooose will be in the fall. though, i'd prefer to just keep him forever. #truth

if you're out there with tips on how to make the wipe your own butt thing happen, please, do tell.