February 19, 2016

musings and the good people

hello, it's me.

i'm listening to adele again. no surprise and my apologies.

i went out last night with some gal pals and had a lot of wine. we sat and talked about who knows what for 4 hours and probably could have kept going but the restaurant was closing or something ridiculous like that. how about the gloriousness of going out with girlfriends that basically reminds you you're human. and young. and beautiful and freeeeee.

good shit for the soul, i tell you.

we chatted a bit about TV watching and i admitted to loving the view. i knowwwww. but it's the truth and i've been watching and recording it since elizabeth hasslebeck worked hard to be the most annoying person on earth. and did you know she was on survivor? probably. but survivor is like, a henry household favorite, so that's a little disappointing. anyway, i neglected to mention my equally, if not surpassing, love for the ellen show. as such, i'm going to talk about it a little here.

you're welcome.

i'm not even kidding when i say it's a rare day that i don't cry at something on ellen's show. and today, on the episode where adele goes into jamba juice and pranks the baristas, i fell victim to the emotions once again. the kid, guy, who helped adele through all her hilariously silly requests was so genuinely pleasant and kind. he patiently tried to accommodate and was honest and sweet. and then, when ellen brought them into the studio and gave them each $1k gift cards, his reaction, i dunno. just so real. those things kinda kill me. when you go out in public and encounter good, kind people. it just fills you up. so yeah, i got a tiny tear in my eye and felt really good about life. ellen, you kindness spreader, you.

so all that to say that i've had some really great public interactions lately. on making a concerted effort to actually leave my house every day, guys, the dramaaaa, i've had much opportunity to get to know my neighbors and community dwellers. and listen up, folks, the people out there are good. they're smiley and happy and nice and pleasant. moms at the park who feel like chatting. the teenager who holds the door open for you, when all his friends are already walking way ahead of him. the old lady who smiles so sweetly at you and your boys it's as though she's telling you exactly how much she loved her version of your life right this second. the kids who get your kids and play with them like besties from the instant they meet.

so yeah, at the very least there's that.
which is a lot.