September 5, 2014


flashback with a teeny tiny river

Did you have trouble choosing your kid's names?

We had a helluva time with our second dude. August was one of the front runners from the beginning but it didn't feel right until we had gone through and sorta, mostly, eliminated all the other options. And while I think it's a great name and am happy we chose it, I still have days when I wonder if it's the right name for him.

Will he like it later? Will he use his full name or a nickname? Augie? Gus?

As he grows older and we all get to know each other better, his name will undoubtedly become his. It will feel right and we'll easily fall into giving and calling him nicknames but in the meantime, can I just obsess over other names that I would have liked to try out?


1. Theo. I am 100 percent in love with this name right now. It was actually our second place name - as in, we were at the hospital still discussing the possibility of writing down Theodore on his birth certificate. I love Theo or even Teddy as a nickname and Theodore is just so cute. Hank didn't want anyone calling him Teddy so it lost the battle. But oh, Teddy. It's the cutest, in my opinion. Chipmunk, president, whatever, I still love it and if a big bad pregnancy accident ever happened and another boy appeared, it'd be on my list for sure. Brace yourself, Hanklin.

2. Phoenix. Ok, so for obvious reasons, I couldn't name my second kid Phoenix. And if you're really young or really old, I'll explain. River Phoenix was a famous actor. I am already asked quite often if I loved him so much that I named my first son after him. The answer is no. I only remember him from Stand by Me and was way too young to think he was hot but looking back now, yes, he was super hot. Even in that movie as a kid. HA! So yeah, no. I wasn't going to go all actor obsessive fan copycat and use his full name on two kids. But it's a rad name and will maybe get an imaginary pet and name it Phoenix...maybe I'll even call it Phee for short.

3. Lennon. For a girl or boy, I would have used this. I asked Hank multiple times if he was sure he didn't like it. I'd always slip it into my long lists of name ideas. He never once considered it. Wah. Lennon, Lenny, Len, Nonnie. So many options!!!

- time out! i'm watching SATC and i just have to say, i HATE the petrovsky relationship. it kills me to my core and i can't enjoy most of these episodes. ugh. ok, that's all. time in! -

4. Holden. Always and forever. Holden is my boy, my good ol' boy and I have wanted to name my child after him since I can remember. Holden Henry too, right?! Except, I dunno. It felt a little too something. Snobby? Up tight? And what would his nickname be? Hold. No. So, anyway, my teenage self died a little when I didn't pick this name. Sad face.

5. Dylan, Jude, Hendrix. Ah, the music names. Still, I want all of them!! Dilly bar. Juju. Henny Penny Poo. I love you boys so, so much.

6. Beau. This name is my jam bam. This one was slipped into discussion for the entire 9 months of pregnancy. Unfortunately, there is a strong association with some kid Hank grew up with and I guess he wasn't the coolest? No clue but dangit all to hell. Beau, I'll miss you. You're Beau tiful.

I'm not going to touch on girl names that I'll never get to use but just know there are about 400 of them.

*edit: in other news, proofreading this post is making me want another child immediately. quick, somebody come take my uterus before i lose my mind!