February 28, 2014


when your day begins with a mysteriously open trunk and a missing $300 BOB stroller, you lose a little bit of faith in humanity. And perhaps you didn't have much to begin with or maybe you did. If it's the latter, then you're in luck because all you need is a renewed commitment to locking your car doors each night and a few lovely encounters with pleasant and kind strangers during another aimless trip to target. a starbucks in your hand can only improve your chances of a brighter day and all of this with an 18 month old, talkative, lovable, little boy, well, it can do wonders for the soul. it'll cheer you right up, restore a bit of that faith, that hope that not everyone is horrible and selfish and thoughtless.

so, to the thieves who came in the night, got lucky with an unlocked car in its own private driveway, i applaud your daring efforts, your baby gear savvy, and the generosity of leaving behind the ergo, my jacket, and the 3/4 empty pack of boogie wipes.

also, fuck you.


  1. UGH that is the worst! I remember when my car got broken into, I felt so violated and creeped out. Sending you happy e-vibes and ankle breaking e-vibes to the fuckers that did this!

  2. What assholes!! That sucks! I'm sorry. And who steals a baby stroller?!!

  3. That's horrible! So sorry!!! Maybe search craigslist for your stolen stroller? Starbucks always makes everything better!!

    1. i did search for a few days but got over it. meh.

  4. the nerve...

    the ONLY thing that could make this okay is if a homeless lady had a baby on your driveway and was like, "yo! i need my baby a stroller...let's check in this trunk. oh hey, here we are, baby." and then strolled her newborn baby away, safe out of the rain.

    but ANY other scenario: fuck them indeed.