January 27, 2014


River: we went to the zoo last thursday and met up with our friends donna and addison. river adored the petting zoo and had many a conversation with the black goat there. 

Baby: 14 weeks along and growing bigger in all bodily areas imaginable. too early to enter the sweats phase?? 

January 20, 2014


river: running through the park to go back and forth between his crackers and juice aka "cockahrs" and "shooosh" and the ducks. basically, the time of his life. 

baby: yes, that's right! there's a baby in there. a 13 week old jumping and twirling jelly bean. we're pretty excited about it! 

January 13, 2014


this week river broke his finger and needed 4 stitches to sew it back together. he stuck his hand in a spinning bike wheel and got it caught in the disc brake. ouch! 

whenever i'm away from home without him, i worry that i might get a call saying he's on his way to the emergency room. and then, on saturday, it happened. thank goodness it was just a finger injury and he still looked like this after lots of blood, bruising and stitching up. 

he's as tough as they come, this kid. 


He's been "taking photos" of me lately. I think he mostly loves the clicking sound it makes but it's still cute.
Also, pajamas all day.