November 3, 2013


No internet in the wilderness is slightly annoying. No internet in your home is not slightly annoying, it's super, ridiculous annoying.

So I'm home, showered, on the couch, but still blogging from my phone. Less than ideal if you have fat thumbs and are serious about image sizing and formatting.

Alas, this first world must go on.

Camping with a 14 month old is different than camping with an 11 month old. A mere 3 months later and curiosity is at an all time high. Nothing is off limits and nothing is too dangerous.

This also means no one is relaxing on a hammock anymore. One or in some cases, both parents are following the kid around to let them happily explore but not quite enough to injure themselves. It's a delicate balance.

There will be dirt. There will be tears.

There will also be laughs, smiles, clapping, squealing and rolling around in the dirt without abandon.

It's all good in the wild, with your wild.