November 7, 2013


Coming back to the blog still feels a bit forced to me and since everyday posting is a big goal for one who is super rusty, sometimes, I need me some prompts. Luckily, daily writing prompts can be found at Blogher for NaBloPoMo. 

Today's asks, if you had to switch your first name, what would you choose and why? 


I've had one or two ongoing lists for my future children's names since before there was email. I used to write names in my diary - complete with a heart lock and key. Then, I wrote them in my journal with a picture of a lab puppy on it. Then, on my trapper keeper, on my lisa frank folders, on monogrammed looney tunes stationary, on my binder with the see-thru plastic sleeve on the outside that I used to slide my friend's class photos into...sometimes I even taped said photos onto a lined sheet of paper and then slipped them into the front of my binder. Look, everyone, I gots friendz. 

So names are kinda my thing, is what I'm saying here. 

I'm still mildly obsessed with a million names and since I only want 2 kids, I will sadly, not be employing near any of them. ::sadface::

It's rather difficult to choose one out of all my faves to replace Victoria buuuut today, since I have to choose, it'd have to be: Sloane. 

Because, I mean, hello. 

"Cameron, Cameron? Cam, can you hear me? Blink if you can understand me. Cam? Cam?" 

Shorts and a white leather jacket never looked so good. And never will again. 

If I were 12, I'd have chosen Samantha and made everyone call me Sam or Sammy. Much like I did when I was 12 and at Knotts Berry Farm with friends trying to meet boys from L.A. And when we're in line to ride the rollercoaster, the cute one might keep trying to get my attention by calling me Sam over and over until my friend pinched me because, oh right, that's me. 


  1. i'm obsessed with names too, i may or may not have a doc of my faves on my google drive... i'll never tell.

  2. i love this post! i have one boy name that i'm obsessed with and i've never heard it anywhere, and pray i can pop one out before someone steals it from me

  3. haha, i totally remember Lisa Frank stuff. i would change my name to something i could find on keychains! ha! my blog:

  4. Haha. Vicki this post takes me back to my junior high days. Having a fake name must be something all 12-13 year olds did.
    I always liked Elizabeth, which i chose for my confirmation name. But guess what name I really liked??? Vicky! I even told my friends i had a twin who lived with my Dad (I pretended my parents were divorced) and her name was Vicky! LOL. Of course I only said that to people who did not know me well enough to know the truth. :) But I got my Vicki after all didn't I? !!!! Love you honey!!! xoxo Mom.

  5. Yay you like my name! And even weirder, I used to want to be a Victoria........

  6. haaa I gave fake names to all the boys I met in the mall as a young teen. I also cache baby names on my iPhone for any future kids I may have lol

  7. Ummmm, I'm pretty sure I was on that Knott's Berry Farm trip with you. Was I? What the heck was MY fake name? You have the best memory. Wasn't that the day that your mom's poor car broke down in Camp Pendleton when our adventure had just begun? In other weird flashback to age 12 moments today, I met Jesse Froelich's wife at a school I was working at. She said he still hangs out with Willie and the Marvin boys often. I feel like we all need to have a ℅ 95 reunion. You in? xo

    1. you were 100% on this trip! i wish i could remember all of our fake names. im willing to be there was a jennifer or jessica involved. im so on board with a middle school reunion. Soooooo. oh jesse forelich. blast from the past!

  8. I thought my friend Heather and I were the only ones that made up fake names to meet boys, but we were usually at local amusement park called Sea Breeze. I can't remember the names we chose, sadly, but if I could chose one now, for me then, it'd be Lydia, Beetlejuice style.

    Oh, and also we spoke only Spanish. Snippets of fake Spanish interspersed with small phrases like "muy coloroso!" and, I imagine, "me llamo Lydia".

  9. Ferris Bueller made me love the name Sloane, too. But seriously, no one can top her.

    I had the same Samantha obsession at the age of 12. It might have been due to my obsession with my Samantha American Girl doll.