November 14, 2013


but it didn't! and thanks to a second time out here, the cable guys finally set us up! holler!

this unexpected blip in service has obviously put a damper on daily blog posting now hasn't it? i did consider posting from my phone again but just look at that photo below! i refuse to post blurry photos from said device. so how long has it been? 4 days? hmm, what has happened in the last 4 days....

we spent our first night in our new home. it went like this.

moving from a 1900 sqft house to a 1500 sqft space is crowded. we were lucky enough to have a lot of amazing help so overall, the move itself was pretty smooth. saturday morning, we packed up the uhaul and made 3 trips to get most of it here. that includes a few packed cars each time as well. our garage was completely full and the house was like a maze.

once we decided to be done for the day, mostly because the sun sets so damn early, we grabbed some mexican food and headed to bed. with no crib set up, river slept right between us all night long. and even easton slept in our room. it was a cute scene, i'll tell ya.


  1. Love the pic with River and Easton looking out the window!!!!

  2. Congrats on the new house! I'm so excited for you guys! Are you still in the same area? One of these days I know we're going to bump into each other. Can't wait to see pics. Riv man is beyond cute and getting so big. And can I just tell you how excited I've been to have you back blogging. Yay!