November 5, 2013


so, we bought a house the other day.
we're moving in this saturday.

to say that we're ready is an understatement. we've been looking for houses for about 3 years now. we've been in escrow before, we've been outbid a bajillion times, we've given up time and time again. it's been one of my least favorite experiences ever, possibly. 

when we saw this house, we had just lost out on yet another one. i swore if i heard the "highest and best" response one more time, i was going to lose my mind. but we pushed ahead and put a full asking offer on this home the same day it went on the market. we included a letter and a photo and didn't think for one second that we would get it. 

then, mere hours later, we were signing a deal. 

life. is. nutso. 

i've said over and over that i'd be a renter forever. one, because i hated the real estate game. and two, because i have always been reluctant to claim any one place as my own. to even start to imagine a future in this city or that city. to plan and dream. it always felt too dangerous, too soon, too wrong. how could i possibly love one place for that long? 

maybe it was having a child. maybe it was that our current rental felt so close to a home that i all of a sudden needed one of my own. one that i could do with as i pleased. that i could paint and decorate and change without the worry of a landlord disapproving. 

life had started to feel temporary and nothing held enough meaning. 

the second we made the decision to stay here in southern california, i felt happier. was that all it took? to make a fucking decision? to embrace the place where you live? 

well, shit. 

getting the house has been stressful, yes, but overall, really exciting and solidifying. it's our home already. it really, really is. 

and because now it's all real, i have been a pinterest fiend lately. im wholly inspired and cannot wait to get in there and do it up right.

just a few of my recent faves below...

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  1. Congrats girl!! Owning a house is hard work but so worth it. Knowing that it's yours and that you get to make it a home is such a great feeling. So excited for you and I can't wait to see what you'll do with the place!

  2. Congratulations! I've always thought I'd be a lifelong renter, too, but now that we've started talking about babies and raising little human beings, a stable home is starting to have some appeal. Not yet ready to commit but maybe someday I'll take the plunge like you. :) Can't wait to see how you make this new house your comfy, love-filled home! xo

  3. congrats on your home!

  4. 7th pic down is completely, 100%, no question, your kitchen.

  5. congrats!! we had a similar experience when house hunting, we finally got a house on the 6th offer we made...lots of outbidding/failed inspections, etc. can't wait to see what you do with it. these inspiration pics are gorg!

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