November 14, 2013


but it didn't! and thanks to a second time out here, the cable guys finally set us up! holler!

this unexpected blip in service has obviously put a damper on daily blog posting now hasn't it? i did consider posting from my phone again but just look at that photo below! i refuse to post blurry photos from said device. so how long has it been? 4 days? hmm, what has happened in the last 4 days....

we spent our first night in our new home. it went like this.

moving from a 1900 sqft house to a 1500 sqft space is crowded. we were lucky enough to have a lot of amazing help so overall, the move itself was pretty smooth. saturday morning, we packed up the uhaul and made 3 trips to get most of it here. that includes a few packed cars each time as well. our garage was completely full and the house was like a maze.

once we decided to be done for the day, mostly because the sun sets so damn early, we grabbed some mexican food and headed to bed. with no crib set up, river slept right between us all night long. and even easton slept in our room. it was a cute scene, i'll tell ya.

November 8, 2013


i'm surrounded by boxes. and trash. odds and ends. lingering furniture. 
isn't moving grand? 

we bought home depot boxes, as we always do. then we hit the jackpot of used boxes on the curb just a few houses down. and so, we are equal opportunists in the big box store boxes. i do enjoy the cut out handles of the lowe's boxes. for your reference. and the colors, i like the colors better. 

empty bookshelves, empty closets. the best way to transport your clothing in a move. hands down. take note if you know not of this trick. just hang the clothes up in your new place, unwrap and voila! closet, done. bam. 

we got the keys today and took about 20 boxes over. it still doesn't feel real. a house that we own and are 100% responsible for? 
scary stuff. awesome stuff. deep breath stuff. 

wish me luck! 
new home, here we come. 

have a good weekend, pals. 

November 7, 2013


Coming back to the blog still feels a bit forced to me and since everyday posting is a big goal for one who is super rusty, sometimes, I need me some prompts. Luckily, daily writing prompts can be found at Blogher for NaBloPoMo. 

Today's asks, if you had to switch your first name, what would you choose and why? 


I've had one or two ongoing lists for my future children's names since before there was email. I used to write names in my diary - complete with a heart lock and key. Then, I wrote them in my journal with a picture of a lab puppy on it. Then, on my trapper keeper, on my lisa frank folders, on monogrammed looney tunes stationary, on my binder with the see-thru plastic sleeve on the outside that I used to slide my friend's class photos into...sometimes I even taped said photos onto a lined sheet of paper and then slipped them into the front of my binder. Look, everyone, I gots friendz. 

So names are kinda my thing, is what I'm saying here. 

I'm still mildly obsessed with a million names and since I only want 2 kids, I will sadly, not be employing near any of them. ::sadface::

It's rather difficult to choose one out of all my faves to replace Victoria buuuut today, since I have to choose, it'd have to be: Sloane. 

Because, I mean, hello. 

"Cameron, Cameron? Cam, can you hear me? Blink if you can understand me. Cam? Cam?" 

Shorts and a white leather jacket never looked so good. And never will again. 

If I were 12, I'd have chosen Samantha and made everyone call me Sam or Sammy. Much like I did when I was 12 and at Knotts Berry Farm with friends trying to meet boys from L.A. And when we're in line to ride the rollercoaster, the cute one might keep trying to get my attention by calling me Sam over and over until my friend pinched me because, oh right, that's me. 

November 6, 2013


the last time we went to the pumpkin patch, river was exactly one month old. he was scrawny and pimply and basically cried the entire time. socks kept falling off his tiny, little, freezing feet. we had to change his diaper on a picnic table - which practically mortified hank to his death - and we neglected to even buy a pumpkin. 

this year, river is 13.5 months old. he is sturdy and independent. that day, he cried only when he couldn't walk everywhere on his own. we forwent the socks altogether and ended up with sweaty, stinky, toddler feet. we did end up changing his diaper in the back of our car - not embarrassing at all for hank, the pro. 

we didn't buy a pumpkin this year either. 

we did have a marvelous time walking through the rows and rows of pumpkins. it was a quiet weekday at the patch and it almost felt like we had it to ourselves entirely. i'd be ok living on a pumpkin farm with my family of three, oh yes, i would indeed. 

November 5, 2013


so, we bought a house the other day.
we're moving in this saturday.

to say that we're ready is an understatement. we've been looking for houses for about 3 years now. we've been in escrow before, we've been outbid a bajillion times, we've given up time and time again. it's been one of my least favorite experiences ever, possibly. 

when we saw this house, we had just lost out on yet another one. i swore if i heard the "highest and best" response one more time, i was going to lose my mind. but we pushed ahead and put a full asking offer on this home the same day it went on the market. we included a letter and a photo and didn't think for one second that we would get it. 

then, mere hours later, we were signing a deal. 

life. is. nutso. 

i've said over and over that i'd be a renter forever. one, because i hated the real estate game. and two, because i have always been reluctant to claim any one place as my own. to even start to imagine a future in this city or that city. to plan and dream. it always felt too dangerous, too soon, too wrong. how could i possibly love one place for that long? 

maybe it was having a child. maybe it was that our current rental felt so close to a home that i all of a sudden needed one of my own. one that i could do with as i pleased. that i could paint and decorate and change without the worry of a landlord disapproving. 

life had started to feel temporary and nothing held enough meaning. 

the second we made the decision to stay here in southern california, i felt happier. was that all it took? to make a fucking decision? to embrace the place where you live? 

well, shit. 

getting the house has been stressful, yes, but overall, really exciting and solidifying. it's our home already. it really, really is. 

and because now it's all real, i have been a pinterest fiend lately. im wholly inspired and cannot wait to get in there and do it up right.

just a few of my recent faves below...

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November 4, 2013


Things aren't all so tangible and sayable as people would usually have us believe; most experiences are unsayable, they happen in a space that no word has ever entered, and more unsay able than all other things are works of art, those mysterious existences, whose life endures beside our own small, transitory life.

~Rainer Maria Rilke

November 3, 2013


No internet in the wilderness is slightly annoying. No internet in your home is not slightly annoying, it's super, ridiculous annoying.

So I'm home, showered, on the couch, but still blogging from my phone. Less than ideal if you have fat thumbs and are serious about image sizing and formatting.

Alas, this first world must go on.

Camping with a 14 month old is different than camping with an 11 month old. A mere 3 months later and curiosity is at an all time high. Nothing is off limits and nothing is too dangerous.

This also means no one is relaxing on a hammock anymore. One or in some cases, both parents are following the kid around to let them happily explore but not quite enough to injure themselves. It's a delicate balance.

There will be dirt. There will be tears.

There will also be laughs, smiles, clapping, squealing and rolling around in the dirt without abandon.

It's all good in the wild, with your wild.

November 2, 2013

Trees! And kids are heavy.

Have you ever carried a 25 lb toddler on your back for a 4 mile hike, uphill?

If not, then I will tell you now that it's no easy task. And truthfully, it's an experience you can feel ok about skipping entirely. Because it is ridiculously hard. And heavy. Hea-veeeee.

I only made it about 10 minutes...maybe 7.

Hank and rivers uncle Kevin picked up the slack. Strong, sexy men really come in handy.

Or, you could just never hike with a's a fair life choice.

Good news is! It's gorgeous here!

November 1, 2013


It is the first of November, yes?

I hate to start this month of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) off so poorly but I am currently typing on my iPhone, in the car, on my way to a campsite that word has it, does not have internet service. The horror!

So I will be trekking up to the ranger station at some point tomorrow to post what will probably be more photos than words because I ya know, camping is pretty and scenic and special.

This is our third camping trip as a family and I can't wait to see how much more River likes it this time.
He was a great camper at 8 months, even better at 11 months and now, at almost 14 months, when there is running involved...well I think he's going to be the happiest, dirtiest little boy you ever did see come Sunday.

And you'll hear about it all, because I'm back to blogging, biznatches.

So here we go! May this month kickstart that inertia that I need to keep it up all year long.