August 31, 2013


that there is a woman drinking a chocolate banana malt alone, in her car, while wearing overalls. 

it's basically never that i'm awake and at a computer at midnight, much less PAST midnight, as i am right this second! hi.

it's a random combination of things that make it so. one, it is hotter than a muthahugger in my house. it has been since about, ohhh, 7am this morning. not to mention all last night as well. last night when my kid decided to sleep perpendicular to me, on top of me, after wedging his hand under my chin and planting his foot behind my knee.

my neck was not happy today. my hot, achy, sweaty neck.

so i think i'm still awake in an effort to wait out the heat and, if i'm lucky, fall asleep with a slight breeze and an absence of under the knee/boob/elbow and duh, neck sweat.
that's my goal for the evening.

hank is watching chasing classic cars, as he does often.  it's a tv show about an old dude at car auctions. he tells me to look up or listen up every now and then. to which, i dutifully ooh and aah as if i have any idea what im looking at. expensive cars...not my jam. not even close.

did i ever tell you about the time i sold my spanky new 4 door toyota so that i could buy an old, manual volkswagen cabrio? it's definitely in my top 5 best decisions ever made list. along with marrying the henry and...and...hmm. maybe it's only a top 2 list.

and if you think im a mean ol' mommy who doesnt say having my sweet baby boy is the best decision i ever made well then, think what you will. no doubt i love that bunny boy with all my mommy might but im not sure i'd call it a decision.

i mean, yes, i had unprotected sex. yes, i went forward with the pregnancy and yes, i quit my job to stay home and raise the little boo. but i dunno, it kinda feels like something/one that happened to me/us. its a ride that im riding, not one that i control or actively decide how it will play out.

i'm a participant. learning as i go, enjoying the super amazing parts with my arms stretched high, smiling and laughing and covering my face and peeking through my fingers during the super scary and surprising parts.

it's life, man. it's not a volkswagen convertible.

which, if you're wondering, i no longer own. i sold it when i remembered how shitty traffic was without an automatic transmission. but shoot, i loved that thing and miss it often.

we're currently in the market for an international scout. manual only please.
if you happen to know of any...