April 3, 2013

i had to move one of my house plants today. it was the second thing river went for this morning. all it takes is one hanging leaf and that pot of dirt would have been all over his head. instead i caught it just in time and now it lives on a higher shelf in my entryway. 

so, this is new. 

the first thing he grabbed was brian's guitar. it was the loud noise that alerted me to the situation. i'm guessing loud messes will be the first to be rectified as we learn our way through baby mobility. it will be the quiet ones that i'll find hours later when i accidentally step in it or decide to walk on that side of the kitchen island for once. 

as difficult as i imagine this new stage will be, i'm kinda loving it. i actually had to look for him this morning. he was trying to crawl into easton's bed. but how fun is that?? he's a curious little george just ready to get into some serious trouble and it's the cutest. which reminds me, i should probably dig out those socket plugs i bought a while back. 

new things, may they never end. 


  1. I love them, all the new things. I feel like we get to experience new things every single day and it's so amazing and scary and bittersweet all at once. way to go Riv, keep mama on her toes!

  2. sounds like he's keeping you on your toes! ;) what a cutie!

  3. oooh look at those lips! I love this picture :)

  4. It's so much fun watching this little man grow. He just gets more and more beautiful every day!

  5. This is my absolute favorite pic so far of this little babe!
    I also realized I have already commented on this.
    But that should show you just how much I love it.

    And now...........when are you coming to SF to visit me?!?!?