April 4, 2013

adventures in solids / mom + dad freak out

the initial days of feeding river real food was so exciting. we took about a million photos of his first cereal and then of his first pureed veggie. i had also read the baby led weaning cookbook and was looking forward to letting him explore food on his own. 

and then...

both hank and i turned into parents and started freaking out about the possibility of him choking on anything and everything. and through our smiles and "yays" we're quietly biting our inside lip and holding our breath waiting for his mouth to open again for more, because that meant it all went down as it should have and he's still alive and thank you, food jesus. 

this mostly happens when we're out at a restaurant and start to feed him off our plates because his whining got just a little too loud as we tried to find his jar of peas in the diaper bag. so to pacify, we grab the biggest chunk of whatever for his little hands to hold and let him go to town. 

but it also happens at home. like the time i gave him a half peeled banana and he started eating the peel instead of the banana. ditto with avocados. and then i gave him an orange and remembered how i'd gagged/choked on many an orange in my day and freaked out and pulled it out of his mouth only to leave him crying and begging for more. 

feeding him food isn't as exciting as it used to be. 

i've never had my fingers in anyone's mouth as much in my life. we read about the baby gag reflex, which is closer to the middle of the tongue vs. the back/danger area but still, to see it is something else. poof! we're overprotective parents!

and is it just me, or is it super hard to fit real meals into the day? who knew nursing was so damn easy. i mean, i knew, but man, leave it to regular food eating to remind ya of how it easy it can be to sit and whip out a boob instead. 

so we're slowly werkin' it out in the solids department. 
wish us luck or send us a hug. 

ya know. 


  1. Honestly, I hated the transition too! Getting him to eat things, hoping he was eating enough, food allergies, choking.....sigh! Boob is so much simpler!

    It does get better though! And for on the go[and to just simplify everything if he's being too picky] we love those organic squeezy pouches that are out there. So much easier than a jar when you're out and about!


    1. i just started buying those and it was awesome to have that today at a restaurant! woot!!

  2. Woohoo! We just started this, too. Has River had a reaction to anything?? We gave Arlo some bananas and his whole behavior was different for three days. Like, the back arching cry. You know the one? He did that every time we tried to get him down for a nap and the bananas are the only thing I can think of that could've done it. Boo!