March 13, 2013

i'm not even going to lie to you. i sorta hate blogging as of late. i get in these moods sometimes. when i think sharing pieces of life on this very one sided platform is entirely inane. why do you care? why do i care? who caaaares? 

so then i sit here, and stare at my computer and try to think of something, anything that is noteworthy, even in my own opinion. and i come up empty handed so instead i window shop online. filling my cart with items that i know i shouldn't really buy and so i don't. i close the window or i slowly delete each item from my cart, one by one. i still have 1 item in my amazon cart right now. it's a black bravado nursing bra - because i only have one other bravado bra and it's money, it's bombtastic and i should buy another one but the $40 is making me hesitate. but i really am tired of wearing sports bras on the daily. my neck is tired. 

i might be a shopaholic. 

which brings me to a current bit of contention in life. i want to leave the house daily, especially on sunny days. i like to get dressed and get in the car and head out to my destination, any destination. i pretend i'll end up at the park or maybe to the trail for a walk, when in reality i'm going to end up at a store, most likely target. and starbucks, i'll end up at starbucks.  this is good for my overall morale to see other people, peruse the colorful aisles, drink the delicious iced confections, and so on. but this is not good for my wallet - rather, our wallet, the family wallet since i no longer bring in any substantial dough - and it's a struggle. 

i'll work it out but for the record, that's that. 

anyone else feel me on this? 


in other news, i guess i just need to start typing and i'm suddenly over my blog strike...
for tonight. 

but the best news, i'm seriously obsessed with my men, those two right there. 
i mean, my gaaawd. 


  1. i COMPLETELY hear you on this one! i'm still new to blogging (3 months), but sometimes i just have no idea what i'm doing and feel like i have nothing even remotely interesting to write about. today was one of those days for me, too. knowing i'm not the only one makes me feel a little better - hopefully you, too! have a good night and enjoy that baby :)

  2. I have come down with a terrible case of writers block. I can't even think of anything to talk about that anyone would care enough to read. It's terribly annoying. We'll get back in the game. We'll get through this. Gawd your kid is cute by the way ;)

  3. putting posts up is stressing me out right now with baby coming soon, so I do what I can, which is about one post a week. At least we get our River fill with all of your adorable pics on instagram :)

  4. Yep, I completely understand about blogging when you have a BABY WHO LOOKS LIKE THAT. xo

  5. Seriously, I feel like he just gets cuter every day!!! If that's even possible... :) I feel you on the wanting to get out thing though. When I was unemployed I felt the same way. I had plenty of time to research free options that would be just as fun though!

  6. so cute! you're cute. cute blog. cute baby. too much cuteness in one place!
    I'm seriously more baby hungry after stumbling across your blog. thanks :P
    But really... so cute!


  7. Get the bra! Those are the best. And if you have another kid, you will use it again. Starbucks...had the same problem though I preferred the drive thru or even Target's (costs more). But once we finally bought a keurig I was in love. I even make my own creamer! So get back on amazon and buy the bra and the keurig (or Costco).

  8. I know what you mean about blogging. Sometimes it feels pointless, and I wonder why I want to put my life out there. But then I remember that I do enjoy the writing, photography, and reading about other peoples lives, and I hope that it is indeed the right choice for me :-)

    Some Snapshots Blog

  9. i have those days just sharing at a blank screen too--the joy of blogging :)

  10. I have to say, I COMPLETELY agree with you, I have had those days where I am at a loss for what to write! But I am glad to see that you are not on "blogging strike" anymore ;) And you are right, your little one is just too dang adorable! Hope all is well and you are getting some wonderful weather!


  11. Hi there! I have ventured over from another blog where I saw your button. I'm enjoying this little peek into your world! Just lovely!

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  12. I get like that all the time with my blog. Sometimes I just have no energy to blog or I just feel that I have nothing interesting to share/write about. But then I do love looking back over what I've written and the pictures I've taken.

    I hope you do keep blogging - yours is one of my favourites. I love how you write and seeing how adorable your little one is :)

  13. Yes, I completely understand. And I too envision leaving the house for something meaningful only to end up at Starbucks. The hubs is starting to become weary of my obsession.

  14. Oh my goodness. Your son is precious!


  15. This is full of PURE joy. He is precious!

  16. Newest follower ... And I completely understand. My destination usually ends up being Target, too!!