January 10, 2013

this photo is from january 2011 and has nothing to do with this post. #tbt on yo asses.

i watched the price is right today for the first time in years. i have to say, i liked it. i find drew carey relatable, fun, easy, light. i found the contestants to be super happy and energetic, knowledgable and eager. there is a pregnant model and even a male model! it's like the real world with prizes and smiles and clapping and jumping all around. my very own happy hour with coffee and if im lucky, a napping baby in the background.

oh the joys of staying at home with mah babeh.

yes, did i mention, i'm officially staying at home these days. me, a sahm. a saaaam. a sa-HAM. don't worry, i'm still trying to wrap my head around this new reality.

and as such, i am still doing odd projects for my previous company, for as long as they'll have me. and for as long as i am content to have them. my first on-site shoot is tomorrow, friday. i'm feeling...meh. it's tedious at this point. i've not been away from river for an entire day yet. especially to do adult, work things that require brain power, getting dressed and producing results. so we'll see how i feel after. exhilarated? bored? happy? indifferent?


totally unrelated to the above. today, i was nursing in the parking lot at world market because i like to shop. and i watched as a woman didn't put her cart away, got into her car and drove off, as her cart rolled from one end ALL the way to the other end of the lot, nearly missing two cars and slamming into the curb right in front of applebees. one car had to actually speed off to miss the cart. i was so mesmerized by this sight that i sat up to see where the cart would end up, causing a little fuss from the babe who was like..um, hello, how am i supposed to eat if im down here and you're up there??! details, details, kid.

moral of tonight's stories: game shows still got it, work is weird, put your damn carts back where they belong.



  1. I love the price is right. I miss bob tho!

  2. i hate it when people do that with their carts--probably because one nearly hit my car once.

    and i am a sahm--we should start a club ;)

  3. TPIR gets even better when you realize your babe likes it because of all the fun ringing and dinging, music, and bright colors.

  4. Oh and congrats on the SAHM gig. Sounds like you have struck gold with the set up with your old employer. You will still have that creative, big world outlet but then have your new gig too! jealy!

  5. What a joy to have a baby to hang out at home with! I absolutely love that camera that you have in the picture too! happy to have found your blog! i'm excited to read more and to be following along! would love if you stopped by mine :)


  6. loving your blog!


  7. um... don't you know about my second blog... rogue carts? it's on tumblr. check it out.
    i feel you girl.

  8. I am so glad I found your blog, it is super cute and very funny :) Your cute stories and sentences bring a smile to my face. I like your randomness, it matches mine ;) This post is a few weeks old, but congrats on being a SAHM!! Isn't it wonderful to be able to be there for all your baby's cute moments that seem to pass by so fast!? I love that I can do that for my kids :) Your comments about The Price is Right made me laugh :) Excited to be a new follower!


    Hop on over & check out mine if you get a chance!

    1. so sometimes i go through old posts and read old comments and feel compelled to reply here. so HI! and im sorry im so late. and also, wouldn't it be amazing if blogger actually alerted you every time i replied to your comments here? ugh, blogger. get with it, already.

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