January 27, 2013

so real quickly, before i go about my day because i am super busy... .... ...

i read my first novel in like a millenium and it felt so damn good, i can't even. if you follow my assography on instagram, you might have seen that i bought some books the other day - most were children's books because river is a mad genius and needed some new material - but one was for me! the language of flowers, as i'm almost positive it was titled, was not the best book i've ever read but it was undeniably decent.

spot on with that book title, eh?

just decent enough to jump start my reading bug. i'm reading pride and prejudice currently because well, i'm not sure i've ever actually read it and since i've always wanted to be in the jane austen book club, i figure i better get started.

so the best parts of the book are the character development (i wish i knew some of these people in real life and yes, i know they're not really people) and the actual language of flowers. i love that they include a dictionary of flowers and their supposed meanings. makes me want to build a bouquet of words and emotions. makes me like flowers a little more. ya know, until they, too, die on my table after weeks of sitting there with no water and then the smell is so unbearable that i'll barely be able to carry them to the trash and then forget about washing that stinking vase so in that trash that goes too and i'm back to my old self again.

ok but the worst part and it pops up all over the place, is the main character's addiction to assumptions and self pity. i almost can't take it. and unfortunately, i see it happen often in real life. and since i believe it is the ruin of many otherwise happy people, i'd like to explore it a bit.

this all stems from an inability to communicate. and maybe it's out of fear or laziness or...ha! assumption, but people just need to communicate better. so often, i can almost see what people are thinking but then, out of their mouth comes the complete opposite, the words that they think you want to hear or what they think is more appropriate, acceptable and it drives me nuts. makes me want to get up and walk away because this conversation is no longer really happening.

so many times in this novel, she wants one thing and yet, thinks it's probably not what the other person wants her to do, so instead, she does the opposite and suffers big time for it. and since she never tells the other person what she really wanted all along, she wastes years, YEARS people, regretting and dwelling and denying her truth. am i rambling?

anyway, all i can say, is be honest with yourself and with those around you. sure, it's possible they might get their feelings hurt at first. or maybe they'll get to know you and themselves even better. or maybe they'll find some kind of freedom in speaking with you and grow into the person they're meant to be. who knows! but you owe it to everyone, if not just your sanity, to be true and honest and real. societal norms be damned.

...i'm thinking pride and prejudice is not the best book for me to delve into after all this. whoops.



  1. I'm glad you took some time for yourself to do something you enjoy! Hope you enjoy your new found reading bug :) xoxo

  2. i really need to get reading again--maybe i will go and get myself a book.

  3. I love Pride & Prejudice but, yeah, probably not the best if those traits annoyed you in the other character ;)

  4. I read the Language of Flowers this summer and thank you for sharing your annoyance at Victoria's self pity because I felt like such a b for thinking that. She went through so much but I was selfish enough to be annoyed by her? Anyway, I agree. It was a great read, not a defining read. I think I gave it 4/5 on Goodreads? Enjoy Pride and Prejudice!