January 29, 2013

please tell me you all know michelle from mishlovinlife. she's that fabulous beauty in that picture, thurr. 

well if not, this is an excellent time to get to know her because she is having a huge giveaway from a whole gang of bloggers, ready to give away their goods to YOU. and yes, i just happen to be one of them. i'm giving away a free blog design makeover and since it will be my first since i had little river man, i'm both nervous and excited. 

may this one kick start me back into the game of blog design. 

i can be me again, right?

so off you go. 


  1. she's fabulous and hilarious! i need to check that out!

  2. I wouldn't say she's THE beauty in the picture, since, clearly, there are two.
    But YES! Know her, love her, totally jealous of her globetrotting.

    Everyone go! I'm giving away ad space on my fabulously-already-designed-by-Vicki blog!

  3. small world...I didn't know that you two were real life friends lol...I follow both blogs. cool girls!

    xo, jin

  4. Heeyyooo wayyyyoooo! Holla holla hoot hoot.

    ...I had coffee today.

  5. Oh, how fun! And you both are absolutely gorgeous!
    xo TJ