December 1, 2012

oh hey dressember, back so soon?

so this month just sorta crept up, amirite? 

i'm almost positive october and november never happened. though i do have a chunky little 3 month old in my house so time must be moving along. it's just a little too fast for me to take note. 

for example, i am still working on my thank you cards from my baby shower. my baby shower that was in july. i figure i have until the end of this year before they're entirely obsolete, yes? maybe? hopefully? 

if i don't make it, i want all of you generous, gorgeous gift givers that i love all of you and the gifts you gave. they have come in handy each and every day. hugs and kisses, meow and hurrah. for serious.

<<<< THANK YOU >>>> 

so back to this month, it's december and the holidays are totally taking over. case in point: elf is on tv right now. and smiling is my favorite. 

not on tv right now, my dressember dress. its on my body, under a blanket, a pillow and some spit up. 

and so it starts. 

31 days of dresses, definitely when i leave the house, possibly even when im on the couch all day. photo documentation to follow. 

day 1. 
with the gorgeous carriediev

looks like this year will include some mini hank cameos. lucky us! 

follow along on instagram and perhaps even join in?? :) 



  1. elf!! i hope they play it on tv in spanish here! that would make my December!

  2. Dressember? Well, I messed that up yesterday wearing my running pants all day. Maybe I could have Fa la la lululemonember? Your baby is PRECIOUS!!! New follower-found you from Mish Lovin Life :)

  3. You are gorgeous, mom shoulder and all. Love ya!

  4. yay for dressember! i'm glad it's back!

  5. I've never heard of dressember but I would love to join in!

  6. i did start dressember good without knowing it even existed! :)
    although i am afraid i will soon put jeans on: it's snowing here!

  7. I just wanted to say thanks for putting me in your blog ad list :) I added your button to my blog

    & Dressember? I don't see how you do it! I couldnt even imagine wearing a dress everyday for a month lol. Goodluck.

  8. dressember?! i love love this idea. i would totally do it if i didn't live in chicago where wearing a skirt means yours legs fall off from the cold

  9. You are seriously so cute. I just came across your blog and am loving it. Your baby is sooo adorable & LOVE the dressember idea.

    amanda @ we and serendipity