November 14, 2012

see ya later month two

little river man turned 2 months last week and we're saying heyhey! to all sorts of new things already.

where month 1 was all about surviving, a feeding and sleeping fest, month 2 was about getting to know each other. and for us specifically, learning to deal with his newly acquired reflux.

when before he would sleep after eating, now he would cry because of tummy gas. he would vomit all over his clothes and ours. he would arch his back and clench his fists.

a little zantac has made it much better. not all better but much improved for sure. our poor little man.

the other things, when reflux wasn't monopolizing our attention...

learning each of his cries.
and how he likes to be held.
and how long he needs to eat to feel full.

there are so many new things every day and the more we learn, the better we all get along.

i love to watch him on the monitor or from behind a piece of furniture. to see him work things out or take in what's around him. it's all about recognizing his cues and learning how to respond to them so that he's happy and content. and it's amazing.

this month, he learned to smile and laugh. he holds his head up like a champ. he always wants to face out and see what's going on in his world. he talks a lot and laughs at his reflection.

he still has not decided what chupi he likes best, if at all.
he stops crying every time we play with his crinkle monkey.
he sleeps an average of 6 hours a night.
he has one dimple on his right side.
he hates his car seat and red lights.
loves eating his hands.
loves bath time.
doesn't love hats.
doesn't love tummy time.
he does love diaper changes. we're about to start wearing size 2! holywut.

he weighs 12.5 lbs and is wearing 0-3 and 3 month clothing.

i could go on for a long time like this but i'll spare you more oogling from the mom corner.

p.s. i'm a mom. whaaaaaaaaat??



  1. he is growing like a weed. He is precious. I never thought that I wanted to have children until I started following a bunch of mommy I can't wait to have a couple kiddos.

    Have a good rest of the week doll!

  2. sounds like you are really getting the hang of being a mom! (you're a MOM!!) that river sure is a cutie! :)

  3. I want him.

    You sound like a pretty good Mum to me :-) and I'm sure Riv-man would agree. That's his new name by the way.

    Liking the pictures too!

  4. Awesome! Miso looking forward to month two milestones! We've got one dimple on the right side over here too! Love!

  5. i love his leg warmers so adorable.

    and i bet the first time he smiled at you it was magical.

  6. He has the prettiest eyes!

    Just found your blog. It is too cute!
    Come say hello at


  7. I totally cried! This is the sweetest thing EVER!!!
    River is absolutely adorable and it just gives me so much to look forward :)