October 3, 2012

what to pack: hospital stay for baby day

i wrote this list on a chalkboard in our kitchen so that regardless of when it had to be packed - the day we went to the hospital, as it turned out - hank knew exactly what to get. men like lists and i don't plan ahead. just in case you can't read my sloppy writing, here's the list again: 

toiletries - for each of us. ex: toothbrush, face wash, deodorant, etc. 
boppy pillow - breastfeeding helper, though the hospital has so many pillows, you'd be fine without this. though! hank slept on it as his pillow and fell in love with it. so if not for feeding, bring it for your hubby. 
laptops and chargers - we only brought one and i never even touched it. 
camera and charger - definite must have
phones and chargers - also definite - hello, you will need to instagram all the newest baby pics! 
robe and going home clothes - i was really happy to have my own robe to walk the halls and to look a little more like myself when visitors were around. got a super comfy one from target. 
river's outfit - i see many people bring more than one to dress the babe while you're in the hospital, we didn't do this so he was a naked swaddled baby most of the time - he didn't seem to mind.
makeup bag - i used my chapstick, blush and eyelash curler while there. though honestly, it didn't help much. ha. 
exercise ball - hospitals probably have these around but i brought mine anyway and used it A LOT. 
blanket - for baby's ride home
swaddle blanket - not necessary but cute to have with you so your baby is swaddled in something cuter than hospital blankets. 
snacks - lots of them! hubby and you both are going to be hungry after the delivery and during the day(s) you are stuck in there. hank's version of snacks was a costco size bag of skittles, fyi. 

there you have it. i honestly didn't need anything other than what's listed above. so good news: you don't have to stress about packing for the big day! easy peasy. 



  1. This is super great advice for first time mommys! awesome list! This time I have going to put makeup on right before I start pushing so I dont look like I am dying in all of my right after birth pics. hahaha!

  2. I'm not a mom yet, but this list will be helpful! And I like that it's not crazy long either. Thanks for sharing!

  3. too funny - the mr. just texted me today that we should start making a hospital bag list so we can get ready for packing - thanks for this post - it came at a very convenient time for us :)

  4. what a great idea! when i went to the hospital, it was a planned induction, so it wasn't as crazy... the bag and everything was already packed up!

  5. I definitely want an enormous bag of skittles on hand right after I give birth. That sounds amazeballs!

  6. Newest follower here! Great post, very useful! I can't wait to read more!

  7. Good list. I really wanted a diet coke right afterwards. Ha. Congrats on the little dude! He's adorable!

  8. Your version of hospital list includes really the important things...I really believe that you won't need anything more if you follow this list before leaving for hospital...!!

  9. this list is so useful as i am thinking about what to pack and don't want to be the woman who has brought the kitchen sink :)

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