September 5, 2012

the closet that hank built

and then it was complete.

i've since added my colorful scarves to the space. it's a work in progress but this is much better than my shoes in a pile on the closet floor - they way they've been for years. we've also added some dirty clothes to the hamper. i'll save you a photo of that reality. and see those hunter boots down there? it is a fact that there is nothing i want more right this second than to be wearing those in cooler autumn weather holding a gorgeous, new baby boy in my arms. 

summer, i'm done with you for this year. clock out already; your shift is up.


shelves and brackets: lowes
curtain: ikea
nightstand: ikea
hamper: bed, bath and beyond
husband: connecticut - but there's only one and he's all mine. mmMmmmm. 


  1. awesome! i'm totally going to copy you. i have a little lonely nook, as well. and i'm tired of sharing the closet with my husband. ;)

  2. i bet you can't.

    i have some hunter boots and want it to be colder so i can go for walks in them wrapped in layers with a scarf and hat. or so i can be walking in the snow in them hopefully showing my baby girl what snow is.

  3. your closet looks amazeballs. simply amazeballs. Don't you just love handy men?

  4. Looks great! Doesn't it feel so good to make use of an empty space and stay organized at the same time?!

  5. That looks fantastic! Great job!

  6. I love this! I always wish our house had more places I could hang a pretty curtain.... And I definitely need shoe shelves!!

  7. Great use of the space! Now that your shoes have a spot, River can make his debut!

  8. What a handy man! It's a beautiful use of the space! Well done, Hank. I'm so excited for you to drop the little one, already! If we don't hear from you again before the big day, GOOD LUCK. You'll be just great :)