September 3, 2012

pbm: week 40. are we done yet?

it is week 40 and each day could be THE day. hank and i talk a lot about how these are our last days to rest up and take random outings. we spent most of the holiday weekend at my mom's pool, playing and swimming with easton. we ate a lot of good food and took some naps. it feels almost illegal to be relaxing so much but everyone keeps telling us to soak it up so we're trying. we did get some organizing and cleaning done. all the baby clothes are washed and put away and ohmygoodness, do we have a lot of clothes for this boy! - thanks to all our friends and family!! [thank you cards...must. write. thank you cards!!] 

not much new to announce...

sleeping is still easy until i have to move. 
eating is still great. good food to be had, no heartburn or acid reflux. 
weight - no idea. the scale is upstairs and well, climbing stairs to step on a scale is not my idea of a good time. so yeah, that doesn't happen. 

oh, one new thing is the awesomeness of carpal tunnel syndrome. is there anything fabulous about not being able to bend your fingers in the morning, after a long night's sleep? umm, nope. ouch, ouch, and ouch! it usually improves as the day goes on but dang, fingers are like, super important! i like mine to operate normally so i'm looking forward to that possibility. fingers crossed...oh wait, maybe later. 

thing i'm most looking forward to: baby river's birthing day



  1. gurl I wish for a smooth delivery. I've heard about Carpal Tunnel during pregnancy... some of my co-workers had them and it went away. weird. Baby R needs to pop!

  2. HAHAHA that is the best photo. I had to do a double take when it was in thumbnail size of the feed reader. Ah I'm dying, too funny.

    Probably not for you... But it sure is for me ha!

    Can't waaaaaaaaaaait to "meet" this baby. And for you to not have carpel tunnel :( Xx

  3. haha! I remember these days well. Hang in there, it won't be long now! How exciting!!! xx

  4. that picture is great, ha! glad you're getting a lot of relaxing in! sounds like you are all ready to go. everytime i see you post on instagram i think it's going be a 'river has arrived' announcement! :)

  5. That picture looks like it should be in a cartoon haha

  6. You are my hero!! I cried for about two weeks before aiden was born because I was in so much pain and he was born at 38 weeks. I admire your patience and cheerfulness through these rough days! Good for you hit mama!!

  7. Every day I think to myself that it might be the day for you! I keep waiting for you not to make a blogpost or not to tweet (although maybe you'll be tweeting while he's being born?? hahaha right.).

    Good luck!!

  8. I keep checking your instagram and blog daily for the big announcement :) That first picture is crazy!! and I love that rug :)

  9. This bump is no joke! Aaannnddd if we're going off the betting pool, TODAY is the day he needs to be :) :)

    Any day now!!!! AHHHH!!!

    love you! xoxo

  10. dude, tell this boy to make his appearance. we need to see his cute lil face now!

  11. love the photo--it made me smile.

    and it could be any day now--i hope it is soon because i can't wait to see how adorable he is :)

  12. I love that photograph. 40 weeks! So exciting. That sucks about the carpal tunnel. Are you getting it from sleeping on your hands?

  13. i'm just going to jump on the bandwagon and let you know how awesome of a photo that is :]

    also... we're all patiently waiting to meet baby boy! :]