September 19, 2012

guest post! sarah from the reverie blog

as you've probably noticed, having a newborn in the house has taken a toll on my blogging time. and it's rather unfortunate as i have many, many things to say about this new baby business.

luckily, today i have a guest blogging treat for you.

sarah from the reverie blog has so graciously stepped in to share her memories of this newborn phase with her darling girl, Iris. sarah's blog is always so honest, heartfelt, and gorgeously written - if you haven't visited her blogspace yet, now is the time my friends.

thanks so much, sarah! xo


I'll never forget those sleepy, lazy, hazy first few days of Iris' life. I'll never forget them, and yet I can barely remember them? I can barely remember the ins and outs of what we did or how my body felt or if we slept or not. I can't remember who stopped by or what we ate or if I managed to squeeze in a shower or two.

But I won't forget staring at my daughter's face.
I won't forget seeing my husband hold his little girl.
I won't forget the weight of my little one, sleeping in my arms, and just holding my breath to remember the moment, fearful to put her down lest I miss out on a second of what I knew I should be drinking in.

Now, that beautiful new baby is my gorgeous, vivacious, life-loving 18-month-old. There have been days I remember in detail, there have been more days that have been a blur. And each day has been better than the one before it--knowing her more, somehow loving her more, if that's even possible.

And we're awaiting the arrival of our second baby girl in just (hopefully less than!) seven weeks. I can't imagine what it's going to be like raising and loving two girls. Just like the first time around, there will probably be a lot I don't remember or don't understand. But somehow, just like last time, we'll find ourselves holding on to what's really important, doubled-over with love, and just a big happy family.

I'm so thrilled for Vicki that this is what she's experiencing right now. That even through the haze or the uncertainties, that she's living those first sacred moments--the moments when unimaginable bonds of love are formed.

Congrats Henry family!


  1. So sweet! Congrats Vicki & to Sarah on her second little girl on the way. All you sweet mommas are getting me so excited for my baby boy this January!! Eek. <3

    1. Congrats to you Marianne! Excited to see someone else with a boy--except for Vicki, me and all my friends are having girls, girls, girls! :)

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    1. Thank you, Carrie! It was always the frontrunner for my husband and I too. :)