September 28, 2012

some firsts from mommyland

i peed yesterday while holding my baby. 

it was a first for me. though i'm sure it won't be the last. i'm actually considering waking him up right this second to practice this new bathroom behavior. HA! no, i'm not considering that at all. sleeping baby means time to blog, read, sleep, poop, do dishes and/or laundry, etc., etc. and there is no way i'm messing with that gloriousness. 

another first, i showered today while the babe was in the bathroom with me and he didn't wake up! i didn't have to skip shaving or conditioner to rescue him from his crying. it was a beautiful thing. and the best news, i'm clean! hank, ya hear that!? i'm clean! you're welcome. 

and my last first for this post, i used a breast pump. and as i did, hank and i just laughed because i am officially a cow. it's udderly insane. but i got 2 oz. and today i'm going to try and get more because thinkin' that said pumped milk will buy me a ticket to get a pedicure, ALL by myself. holler. 

these firsts are triumphant but more than that, they are evidence of just how much life has changed for me. i'm really trying to embrace the change and flourish. but i'm not going to lie, it's hard. it's mother-effing hard y'all. after 31 years of being able to do whatever i want, whenever i want, it's quite the task to not be able to do anything you want, ever. ha! and how to make this a-ok? well, number one, just look at that adorable baby you get to hold and soothe and snuggle. two - change the things you want...for now. and three, know that everyday is a new day and things will evolve and will probably improve. as life does. 

i cry a lot. and at first i thought i was crying because i was sad and overwhelmed - and sometimes i am - but last night, while i was singing a song to river, i realized i'm crying a lot because i'm so in love. so much so that i can't contain it half the time. even now, i'm crying as i type this. i couldn't even finish the song because my voice cracked and the only thing i could do was hold his tiny hand and watch as he fell asleep right next to me. 


September 24, 2012

still alive and feeling love in completely new places


do you know what happens in this house when you have a baby? you forget that you have a blog and that there are other amazing blogs out there to read. and then you sit down for a second, instead of doing the dishes like you should, and for a minute, you remember these things and you start exploring. and then the baby makes a noise and you stop and look up. he's squirming but he's still asleep. 

so you go back to the computer for a bit. but then your nipples start to hurt. yes, i said nipples. it's the weirdest shit, guys. boob madness all day, every day. 

when i see him, they hurt. 
when he cries, they hurt. 
when it's time for him to eat, they hurt. 

dear emotions - get out of my boobs! 

i have enough emotion and feeling and love everywhere else. the last place i need them is in my breasts. because let me tell you, these ladies are already large enough. 

as in, no vacancy. 
fully boarded. 
milk production in the highest, hosana.

for serious.

but milk must be doing someone good because he's gained over a pound since we left the hospital AND that ridiculously cute river slept from 830pm - 2am last night. and then i fed him and he went back to sleep until 6am. 

um, winners up in the hizouse! 

see that second photo...that's his champion sleeper arm stretch. 

dear river - i love you so so so much.
and so do my boobs, clearly.


September 19, 2012

guest post! sarah from the reverie blog

as you've probably noticed, having a newborn in the house has taken a toll on my blogging time. and it's rather unfortunate as i have many, many things to say about this new baby business.

luckily, today i have a guest blogging treat for you.

sarah from the reverie blog has so graciously stepped in to share her memories of this newborn phase with her darling girl, Iris. sarah's blog is always so honest, heartfelt, and gorgeously written - if you haven't visited her blogspace yet, now is the time my friends.

thanks so much, sarah! xo


I'll never forget those sleepy, lazy, hazy first few days of Iris' life. I'll never forget them, and yet I can barely remember them? I can barely remember the ins and outs of what we did or how my body felt or if we slept or not. I can't remember who stopped by or what we ate or if I managed to squeeze in a shower or two.

But I won't forget staring at my daughter's face.
I won't forget seeing my husband hold his little girl.
I won't forget the weight of my little one, sleeping in my arms, and just holding my breath to remember the moment, fearful to put her down lest I miss out on a second of what I knew I should be drinking in.

Now, that beautiful new baby is my gorgeous, vivacious, life-loving 18-month-old. There have been days I remember in detail, there have been more days that have been a blur. And each day has been better than the one before it--knowing her more, somehow loving her more, if that's even possible.

And we're awaiting the arrival of our second baby girl in just (hopefully less than!) seven weeks. I can't imagine what it's going to be like raising and loving two girls. Just like the first time around, there will probably be a lot I don't remember or don't understand. But somehow, just like last time, we'll find ourselves holding on to what's really important, doubled-over with love, and just a big happy family.

I'm so thrilled for Vicki that this is what she's experiencing right now. That even through the haze or the uncertainties, that she's living those first sacred moments--the moments when unimaginable bonds of love are formed.

Congrats Henry family!

September 16, 2012

7 must haves for the first 7 days with a new baby

the first week hath passed! and we survived. we flourished, really. i didn't think we'd be sleeping as much as we are, didn't know we'd have a lot of downtime throughout the day to relax and/or clean. and while yes, it's the adjustment of the century, it's so incredible how each day gets easier and each day you fall deeper in love with this tiny human being, this little person that we made. like, we made him. are you wrapping your head around this? because i'm still working on it. 

i fully believe that all you need is love. and la la la, etc. but there is no harm in having some fabulous helpers along the way. 

here are mine for surviving week one with a new baby at home. 


1. wubbanub - we don't want to rely on the pacifier...or as we call it, the chupie...but dang there are some special moments when it really comes in handy. say, for instance, when you really have to poop and screaming just doesn't jive with your need to concentrate because uh, having a baby really stops that train. know this. 

2. aden+anais muslin wraps - i know you've seen these everywhere but just know that everyone speaks the truth. they're amazing and light and lovely and super awesome. they work for swaddling, cuddling, burping, blanketing, etc. just get them. 

3. cloud b sound machine - holy heckness, does this work. river was taking a nap on wednesday while we organized his room and just when he started his squirmy dance, we tried it out. i'm not lying when i say he continued to sleep for another hour. we also use this during the night after his feeding - magic. 

4. swaddleme by summer infant - not the best swaddler in the world? hands flying out everywhere? the swaddleme is easy, fast and secure. baby is staying put in this baby and it only takes this swaddle challenged momma a minute to wrap things up. holler. 

5. medela ultra-stretch nursing bra - love it, love it, love it. so comfortable and comfortable and did i mention it's comfortable. comfort is key when your boob is a milk factory open for business 24 hours a day. milk party holder. get it. 

6. gerber cloth diapers - burp your baby with these. wipe up anything with these. lay them down and change a poopie diaper with these. money. 

7. fisher price newborn sleeper - love the incline, the portability, the design, all of it. just love it. and so does our little river man. turns out you don't need a bassinet. you just need this. bam. 


yay for 7 day accomplishments! 
hope this list serves you and your precious little baby booties well. 


September 12, 2012

new roommate up in here

oh, hello there. 

i almost forgot how to use my computer but can i tell you that it feels amazing to be sitting here, watching my newborn baby boy sound asleep, computer screen alive and well in front of me, typing away like a badass momma. 

because yeah, that's what's up. 

i opened my gmail and had 383 emails to delete. delete because yes, most of those are newsletters that i once signed up for and now refuse to unsubscribe from for fear of missing the deal of the century on ya know, anything...omaha steaks, international wine, groupons and living socials from cities i don't even live in anymore. oh the life i lead. 

but yeah, um, did you notice what i said up there?!? i had a baby people. it happened. after all those PBMs, he finally showed up to change our lives forever and holy cannoli balls, is he amazing. and since i'm not biased at all, it's completely fair for me to say he's the cutest baby to ever sleep, eat, and poop his way through each day. 

thanks so much for following us on this journey. here starts another one. 
i hope you'll stick around! 

because next up, a birth story, just as soon as i can wrap my head around what the hell happened in that hospital. birthing babies, it's serious shit. let's talk about it, shall we? 

until then, my loves. 


September 6, 2012

cast away belly

my mom's coworker recently told her about a little thing called the belly cast and how it could be easily purchased at babiesRus for just $19.99. 

well that was all it took because here i am, waiting the recommended 5-10 days for said cast to dry completely before i do god knows what with it. but what's the harm in documenting how freaking huge adorable my belly and um, boobs are at this stage in pregnancy. 

it's a party everyday, people. 
no diggity, no doubt. 


September 5, 2012

the closet that hank built

and then it was complete.

i've since added my colorful scarves to the space. it's a work in progress but this is much better than my shoes in a pile on the closet floor - they way they've been for years. we've also added some dirty clothes to the hamper. i'll save you a photo of that reality. and see those hunter boots down there? it is a fact that there is nothing i want more right this second than to be wearing those in cooler autumn weather holding a gorgeous, new baby boy in my arms. 

summer, i'm done with you for this year. clock out already; your shift is up.


shelves and brackets: lowes
curtain: ikea
nightstand: ikea
hamper: bed, bath and beyond
husband: connecticut - but there's only one and he's all mine. mmMmmmm. 

September 3, 2012

pbm: week 40. are we done yet?

it is week 40 and each day could be THE day. hank and i talk a lot about how these are our last days to rest up and take random outings. we spent most of the holiday weekend at my mom's pool, playing and swimming with easton. we ate a lot of good food and took some naps. it feels almost illegal to be relaxing so much but everyone keeps telling us to soak it up so we're trying. we did get some organizing and cleaning done. all the baby clothes are washed and put away and ohmygoodness, do we have a lot of clothes for this boy! - thanks to all our friends and family!! [thank you cards...must. write. thank you cards!!] 

not much new to announce...

sleeping is still easy until i have to move. 
eating is still great. good food to be had, no heartburn or acid reflux. 
weight - no idea. the scale is upstairs and well, climbing stairs to step on a scale is not my idea of a good time. so yeah, that doesn't happen. 

oh, one new thing is the awesomeness of carpal tunnel syndrome. is there anything fabulous about not being able to bend your fingers in the morning, after a long night's sleep? umm, nope. ouch, ouch, and ouch! it usually improves as the day goes on but dang, fingers are like, super important! i like mine to operate normally so i'm looking forward to that possibility. fingers crossed...oh wait, maybe later. 

thing i'm most looking forward to: baby river's birthing day