August 8, 2012

TAL and FP

Two things.

The first...

TAL or This American Life has been one of my favorite radio shows for years. It makes me want to live on nothing and go around the world interviewing people, learning their stories, connecting with them. It makes me love the human race more than ever.

I'll admit though, that I haven't been listening all that much recently. This is due to many things but most of all, it's a result of not being in my car that often. I used to commute a lot. I commuted to college, to work, to visit friends. But then I moved 2 miles from my office and married my very best friend; I've put 17K miles on my car in 2 years. All this to say that I listen to podcasts and radio shows solely when I'm in my car, driving alone.
I have been planning on listening to podcasts and radio shows when I start working out. after bunny is born...if I get around to actually doing that. 
So now that we've moved to a house about 40 miles away from my office, I'm rekindling my relationship with radio and for the past two days have been listening to TAL reruns during my drive. I've also been crying.

The two episodes I've enjoyed this week were dedicated to 1. Amusement Parks and 2. Special Ed - perhaps it's not immediately clear why these made me cry but I suggest you listen and see how you feel. The life and passion of the people in these stories is awesomely awesome. Sure, it could be my baby hormones but even if you don't cry, I'd be surprised if you didn't become a TAL convert.


The second...

FP or Free People can become an obsession for me at times. And right now, in my current belly gargantuan, flowing, hippie dresses are like mecca for my body. And though I have none to float around town in, I do enjoy perusing the gorgeousness of FP look books. What can I say, they know their shit, their gorgeous, flowing shit.

 now all i need is a bigger wallet. 



  1. I love Free People also! I followed you back on twitter and found your blog that way. Most definitely following here also now, have a wonderful day :)

    xo Georgina

  2. I jsut got the Free People catalog yesterday and REALLY want some stuff. Hubby says go for it, but I dont think he was paying attention to the prices. ha!

  3. What is this TAL and why have I never heard of it? I shall converse with you on G Chat about this now.

  4. Oh. My. God. This American Life really is one of the best things, isn't it? I haven't listened to the Special Ed episode, but I absolutely adored the Amusement Park one. That was most definitely one of their best. I couldn't stop smiling for most of it!

    And Free People. Just. I mean, I'm not pregnant, but ugh they have the most perfect things! The patterns and colors and designs and everything!

  5. you look gorgeous! thanks for your awesome comment. seriously. made me feel a lot better. :) congrats on that baby!

  6. My best-friend loves "This American Life" and back in college, I would visit her apartment and sit on her bed as she played me different podcasts. It brings back so many memories of drinking wine, talking, venting about our academic schedules and enjoying TAL.