August 6, 2012

pregnant belly monday: WEEK 36


it's week 36 people and do you KNOW what that means? that means we (river and i) have officially been getting to know each other for 9 months!

9. freaking. months.

and of course, as most of you know, we celebrated with some big time fun and MOVED our entire house to yes, another house. and here, in today's belly shot is my new bedroom.

there's a new window and a familiar bed. though i can't say right now if things will be arranged this way forever because um, i can barely find clothes in the morning. this outfit, required no less than 6 bags to be ripped open before i would discover something usable but poof! i'm dressed and i'll take it.

other than the most obvious new thing of the week, there have been some pregnant developments that i will attribute only to being 36 weeks along and here they are:

1. LOSING my mind. i forgot hank's name. i mean, i said it outloud and then wondered secretly, wait, was that right? is his name hank? what did i say? ...and then, i forgot easton's name. and i wanted to call him to me but seriously could NOT remember his name. i thought that maybe it was easton but that sounded wrong so i didn't call him.

2. braxton hicks - or as we hypnobirthing students call them - practice surges. they're for practicing and honing my meditationy skillz. and i'm getting good because when these happen to me, my stomach literally comes to a point in the center and i cannot move comfortably. so i just close my eyes, breathe and wait. not gonna lie, it's kinda super exciting. i'm like..oh yeah uterus!? let's make this work for both of us! and then we do and it's happy and i waddle away.

3. speaking of waddling... waddling. now, there are many people who would probably tell you that i've been waddling for a while now. and while it's probably true, my reasons for it have evolved. for the last ohidontknowhowmany months, i've had INTENSE pelvic bone pain sensations. it's basically like a stabbing pressure on your what feels like your vagina. it's um, not fun. and it makes walking reaally hard. it also makes turning over in bed difficult, putting on pants, standing, sitting..ya know, everything. and while i still get that sometimes, my waddle is now a direct result of the weight of a baby in my belly. balance is off, way off and i can't correct it! i keep trying to straighten my back and pull my pelvis in and walk like a good little yogi but nope - belly ain't havin' none of that. so i give in to the waddle my friends. i give in.

we went and had an ultrasound last week. river bunny is squished to shit in there, poor kid. they're guessing he weighs a little over 6 lbs currently but since i have no idea how they came to that guess, i'm not putting any money on it. though i should really start a pool. i'll commission hank to get on that - he loves a good game. hank - you reading this? make it happen, lover.

i have a lot more to come on my new house this week but can i just say in the interim, um....big houses are scary.


oh and you did enter this giveaway, right?


  1. i can't wait to see more about the new house! river will be here before you know it! :) oh, and pelvic bone pain? that sounds awful!!

  2. 1. You look great!
    2. I've been told when you are having a boy you become very forgetful and I have been losing my memory like no other so I totally feel you there.
    3. I've been sporting the waddle for awhile now haha

    Hope you are feeling good!!


  3. i have baby brain at the moment i seriously forget everything and go and do something only to forget what i was doing.

    and not that much longer now! how exciting!

  4. Oh my goodness 9 month already, that is absolutely wonderful! You are positively glowing!

  5. I can't even believe how beautiful you look. I mean. I can. You're gorgeous to begin with. But I swear, the more pregnant you get, the more stunning you are. HOW DO YOU DO IT?!

    I also can't believe you're to 9 months! TOO EXCITING! I know you've got a lot going on, but hang in there. You're almost done! :)

  6. I give you mad props, yo. there is no way in hell my pregnant ass could pack up and move my house right now. you look gorgeous, as usual, pretty face!

  7. oh, and my baby brain is completely out of control as well. I feel like such an idiot most days.

  8. I love that you're now just embracing the waddle. I personally feel that is going to be the highlight of being preggers -- being allowed to waddle when you walk. Doing it now just gets me some funny looks... But I swear, food babies can make you waddle too. Can't wait to see more of the house! And also, you look fantastic as usual!! :) xx

  9. As usual you look so cute! I can't wait to see the rest of your house. That window is so California!!

  10. Ah! I want to live in that house. River is so lucky. And maybe the forgetting thing also has to do with something in the stars (mercury in retrograde again?yes, Lauren?) because I'm also having trouble. But that's probably just my brain failing me. Yay River!! Tell your mommy to stop hiding you from everyone.

  11. You're getting so close. And I LOVE the window behind your bed. Can't wait for more house pics.

  12. Can we please be friends?? I'm laughing so hard at your preggo posts and crying at your mama posts. I'm 36 weeks with a baby boy & am SO glad I'm not the only person who feels like I'm absolutely losing my mind and who can't wait to meet 'myself' again!