August 27, 2012

pbm // week 39

it's late on this pregnant belly monday but i have been one busy bee today. out and about since 9am and now, in the 10pm hour, i'm finally getting a chance to sit down and reflect on how this week has been so far. 

first, no, that's not a river in my arms up there. it's a gorgeous and perfect little ryan. river's future best friend, thank you very much. both ryan and his big brother, charlie, were telling river to come out soon because we're all so eager to meet him. ryan was born early saturday morning and can't you just see how a baby his size could fit in this snowman of a belly i've got going on?? crazy baby madness, i tell you. 

quickly, an update on thangs. 

1. sleep - sucks. hurts. i get up to pee a lot and it takes a long time to roll over, push myself up, stand up, waddle around. and to repeat it two or three times, oh, ugh, ugh, ugh. 

2. weight - the same. went to the doctor today and i'm still weighing in at 170 - that's up 34 lb. to date. doesn't bother me too much these days. i mean, clearly, it's all in my boooooobs. 

3. food - i've been eating at home a lot this last week since i've been working from home. it's somethin' super awesome - cereal and sandwiches on the daily. i've craved cereal throughout this entire pregnancy and it's something i look forward to when i go to bed at night. 'can't wait to have cereal in the morning!' yes, i'm possibly the simplest eater ever. 

4. symptoms - itchy belly. this has come and gone a lot throughout the pregnancy. it's not unbearable but it's never fun. today my lower back started hurting a little. aaaand things still feel heavy. i'm tired. i'm hot. [not sexy hot] same ol', same ol'. 

and now, fun midwife thangs. 

i asked her to check me today. with all my ladies having their babies all around me, i needed some info to hold onto. was i dilated at all? did she want to just pull him out right then? 

so check she did and the result? 

75% effaced, not dilated, baby's head is "right there." i liked this news - thin, soft cervix means shit is happening and i'm taking that to the bank. the birthing bank. 


p.s. i'm guest blogging over with erin today, it's all about the maxi (and i'm not talkin' pads) - check it. 


  1. I am so feeling you on the sleep. I don't even know where to start with trying to make it easier. Like, should I get a lift bar installed? Should I tie a rope to the ceiling fan? Sleep in a recliner? It's the balls.

    YAY EFFACED! His head. AHH! My midwife was talking about his head and it was weird that she could feel it. Like, he's so close!

    I hope I get to see your sweet boy sometime soooon! I think cute photos of your little guy will help me tide over.

    1. Or tide me over, rather. Sometimes I think I make sense and then I realize that I don't.

  2. I got pretty confused when I saw those first photos - I was wondering how I'd missed that you'd had the baby! Haha but not long now for you :)

    Life etc

  3. I thought that was your baby and you were just being sneaky in announcing it! Hopefully it is your baby in those pictures soon.

  4. Lol I totally thought that was River too. I was like WHAT! SHE HAD THE BABY?! And then I calmed down when I read down further. Hehehe. Man oh man that belly is about to burst. I hope he comes soon!!

  5. yay it's almost baby time! My mom was ADDICTED to Dr. Pepper when she was pregnant with me and now so am I and it's all because she drank DP while prego. And that is totally a medically proven fact. So I'm thinking you should stock up on cereal for the little guy :)

  6. If you want baby river to come soon, tell that hubby of yours to get on it! Literally!!;) hope he comes soon! Xoxo

  7. things are happening, it won't be long till baby river is here.

    and cereal is amazing--FACT!

  8. Vicki, have you found any miracle bras that you love?? My boobs have outgrown every bra! I wear sports bras every day...which is kind of challenging with a lot of shirts that I wear to work. And even the sports bras don't seem to be able to contain them these days.

  9. I got pretty excited when I seen your post on my feed!I thought it was little River.

  10. when i first saw this pic on instagram i totally thought river made an early appearance too. lookin' good! the final countdown! :)

  11. ahhhh any day now. Your boobs are huge but just wait until your milk comes in, they will be ginormous! I don't recognize myself because of my massive ta ta's most days.

  12. You're so close!! I can't believe how great you look at this point. I have a cold right now and I look like a hobo and you're about ready to pop our a living thing and you look amazeballs.

    The Daily Distraction

  13. You are amazing for doing this! So proud of you.

  14. Ryan is so sweet. I can't wait to cuddle him myself. Rive will be here sooooo soon. I just know it. Hang in there pretty mama. xo

  15. I cannot believe that River is not here! Who am I kidding, I know you are saying the same thing! Come on little River!!! I am so excited to see pictures of his sweet little face.

  16. Blog spying again and wishing you an easy labor! Can't wait to see Ryan's BFF! :)