August 20, 2012

pbm: week 38

week 38 is here.

that sounds awfully ripe, doesn't it? this outfit epitomizes my daily home wear. belly exposed at all times, tank tops because it's so damn hot and really any shorts, yoga pants or undies will work to finish it off. comfort is king.

today is my first day of working at home while i wait to see when this little river will flow his way into our lives. i'm a little conflicted. what do i do? where do i go? what time do i shower? ...unpack...check

my current brain dump.

i'm off to a doctor's appointment now but a quick update on how things are going:

new things: period cramps. what do these mean? these mean that this party is getting started! slowly but surely, we will meet baby bunny soon. sooo excited! seriously, about it all.

sleep: actual sleep is great. i sleep a lot and long and comfortably. BUT the second i wake up, i can feel the pain in my pelvic bone and ribs. the baby has moved to whatever side i was laying on and he's heavy. rolling over from one side to the other or pushing myself up to get out of bed is some times, even excruciating. i'm getting very creative about using different muscles to get myself moving these days.

eating: i never recognize when im hungry so i probably go far too long without eating. then i feel nauseous and think...oh shit, when did i eat last?? at least since he's moved down some, i can fit more food in there. a full meal, hooray! weight? i haven't unpacked my scale yet so i have no idea how much more i've gained but my doctor's office scale said 170 last week which would bring me to a total gain of  34 pounds. i don't know about you other pregnant ladies but i never count the doc scale - i mean, my clothes weigh at least 5 lbs, clearly.


moving on...

things i miss: still missing me. missing moving around easily. alcohol. yoga. dancing. working out. [note that i never worked out before - ha! - but man, i really miss being able to choooose not to]

things i scored on: craigslist finds. stay tuned.

happy week!!


  1. doctor's scales can never be trusted!

    you look great...river will be here SO soon! that's awesome you get to WFH the last weeks!

  2. Ahhh you're still so cute! I can't believe River is almost here. It feels like just yesterday you were telling us all he was coming. Good luck and I can't wait to see his little face!

  3. Period cramps?! THINGS ARE HAPPENING!

    I *just* figured out what Braxton Hicks were. I had no idea when I was having one or what one felt like. But I do know that other moms have said early labor feels like period cramps.. HOORAY! (Not for period cramps, but for early labor) You're so clooooose. Which means I'm close. YAY

  4. period cramps = contractions! welcome to the wonderful world of constantly thinking, "holy shit, is this IT?!!"

    our daily wardrobes are eerily similar, except mine also includes some type of topical lotion for these itchy damn stretch marks.

    in my mind, boobs weigh at least 5lbs as well. ;)

  5. Oh the dreaded doctors scale. It's cruel. I make everyone very uncomfortable and strip down to the fewest layers possible to make it the most accurate. :)

  6. What a beauty. So glad you have some time to yourself now! :)

  7. what a beautiful belly you have!

  8. so I stumbled across your blog and I'm. in. love. I couldn't stop reading! Or cracking up. Just wanted to share! :)

  9. You look soooo presh! EEEKKK I can't wait to "meet" him! Hang in there only a little more to go!!

  10. haha, i love that you said you miss working out and then clarify that you never did before but miss choosing not to =)

  11. Can I just say, you are an adorable preggers. I love the outfits that you come up with, so flattering and oh so cute! Hope you enjoy the last stretch!

  12. I can't imagine the last few weeks, when your body just isn't yours anymore. Such a strange, beautiful thought.

  13. I love your belly! Im so excited for the "RIVER IS HERE" post. I keep checking back. You must be so anxious!