August 7, 2012

hodge podge delivery

oh hey there!

i went to bed at 9:30pm last night, woke up at 6:30am today and am still exhausted. so instead of a post full of edited photos of my new house, i'm offering what i can from things happening because piecemeal happenings are the new black.

it's true, they probably had a conference about it at blogher12.


it's my mom's birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMA! you're super sexy, young, fun, and all things fabulous. wooohoo! see ya at dinner tonight! LOVE YOU!


hank is on instagram. @bhanklin 
he posted a rather cute photo on moving day and i wanted to re-post it so that more people could enjoy his handiwork. i ultimately forgot but here it is with an official photo credit to boost his self-esteem this morning. feel free to follow him. he's super rad.

photo by hank mchankerson aka my sexy husband


right before the big move, i was able to wrap up two more blog designs for two more lovely ladies.

the first was the winner of the blog makeover giveaway hosted by the fabulously fabulous sarah - jamie! her blog was a fun challenge for me because she lives in a blog world i'm entirely unfamiliar with. moms with giveaways. since i'm not a mom...yet, i had no idea what i had stumbled upon but it all seems very fun and close-knit and colorful! so i made a little bit of a departure from my usual white space. freaked me out and pleased me all at the same time, folks! it's a crazy blog world, yo.

luckily, i was able to immediately fall back into my white space haven with miss kristen from a day in the life of me.

if you have a chance, go visit each of these lovely gals.
- just click on their blog images above!


i went to anthropologie yesterday to buy candles to make the new house smell like my house. i'm hoping to walk into the house after work today and smell me in there. i'm also hoping this will motivate me to unpack and organize. hope, hope, hope. 


and to close out this hodge podge of a post, i give you another room in the new house {i should name this place} and me, in stripes! nothing new there. 

this here will be our office. as you can plainly see, my books are not yet put away. this is the most clear indication that i am not myself. in real life aka not pregnant life, i would have had my books up first - as in before i even thought to set my bed up - because books are king. but look! they're still in home depot boxes along the wall. who AM i!? 

according to this photo, i am a pregnant woman, in a striped dress, who does not wash or brush her hair for days on end, AND takes photos of herself to document it for later. 

so yes, a genius. 

happy tuesday, world!


  1. Happy Birthday to your Hot Mama!! :)

    You have a boxer? I have a boxer. He is the best dog ever and loves my son so much. He is so protective of him.

  2. Thanks for the nice words and Birthday wishes Sweetie! I look forward to seeing you at dinner tonight too!!! Love you!!!!!

  3. I'm thinking of names for your house.. but in the mean time, I googled "storybook house" and images just like your house popped up! (here:

    I'll keep thinking.


  4. Happy b-day to your pretty Momma. Your house looks fab! I can't wait to see more pictures. It looks like it has so much character! You look great even with unwashed hair. I am envious. And, that candle is my absolute fav! XO.

  5. your house is adorable....I can't wait to see it one you decorate it. Cute stripped maxi dress!

  6. hahaah noooo, you look like a hot pregnant momma! Your mom is a total babe too, Happy Birthday to her!!!

  7. how cute is your mom? adorable! happy birthday to her!

    i love the house! so cool looking! that bhanklin takes a mean picture!

  8. saw your button on someone's blog, and the "i do have feet" made me crack up in the middle of my work day..of course i got strange looks. I love it. So glad i found you!

    Hope you’re having a great day! Drop by and say hello!

  9. Let's talk about the things I love.
    1. I love this post.
    2. I love your new house.
    3. I love the pic Hank took.
    4. I love how smokin' hot your mom is.
    5. I love that your house smells like Anthropologie.
    6. I love the blogs. (Obvi.)

  10. I wish my hair looked that good if I didn't wash it!! Shoooooooot.

  11. first, your mom is gorgeous! she get it from her momma =)
    second, looove the house it's adorable
    third, yay for the shout out, whoop whoop
    four, i'm in love with my design and mayyyy or may not be able to stop looking at it.
    five, the end =)

  12. because books are king. maybe one of my favorite lines of yours in recent months.
    also, those blog designs almost make me want to start blogging again. almost. ;)

  13. Whaaat? Your mama is so gorgeous. Also? Her hair is fabulous.

    And your new house!! Amazing.

    You are so cute! And I love that mint typewriter hiding on one of your shelves.

    And yes, you still have time to read Ina May! It reads really easily, and about half of the book is birth stories (which is one of my favorite things to read ever ever).

  14. well my goodness, that house is a cutie. :D Good luck with the move!

  15. what a lovely little home!!! i definitely agree... books go up first!

  16. You seriously are the most fabulous pregnant woman I have ever seen. You haven't dropped fashion and always look so put together. Hopefully whenever I have my future offspring, I can channel that creative and positive energy.
    I know how you feel about a space not feeling like you. Having to continually keep moving, I have all of this home decor not actually hung up, but one day I'll get around to it.