August 14, 2012

dresses and a wrap

dress: target / top: forever21
i bought 4 dresses maxi dresses last night. and today, i am publicly announcing that when i am not in my underwear and a tank top, i will be in a maxi dress. because what are pants really? except a constricting, evil pair of tunnels to squeeze my thighs, ass and newly acquired cankles into. not to mention the zipper stabbing me in the lower belly when i sit, which i do often. i already have a person stabbing me in my lower areas, thank you very much mr. zipper.

and ok, i'm going to admit something rather shocking to most nesting mamas but um, i have not even glanced at my baby shower swag since the day we had the bestshowereverknowntowomanthankssister. i know, i'm a horrible nester. i don't even know what i have so maybe i got this and forgot but i have been coveting this wrap by solly baby for a while now. so while i may not be nesting, i am still shopping virtually. i know, it's impressive. 

and now for the commercial because for serious, i want to sit in a rocking chair, walk around what looks like san marino, ca, stop to smell the flowers and do all of it with a starbucks in my hand because this wrap is so damn awesome. 

p.s. you can get 20% on your next order! click here for details. 
so happy i saw this on marianne's blog



  1. I didn't nest with my son until the very end. then I was in a nesting frenzy.

    That wrap looks awesome. I missed out on all the cool stuff having my kids early. damn it.

  2. that wrap looks amazing. bookmarking it, because that's what i do. #babyfever

  3. Yeah!! so glad you got the discount too :D I can't wait to order my little babe a striped one. xo

  4. That is an adorable wrap and so versatile! I wonder if I could get it now and use it for storage for all the stuff that won't fit in my purse...

  5. Maxi dresses have been a Godsend throughout my pregnancy! They are sooooo incredibly comfy yet they look adorable. It's a win-win! :)

  6. Just found your blog and you are the cutest preggers girl! I'm not a mama but that wrap looks awesome. (I am an extremely doting auntie though!)

  7. Either that woman is teeny tiny or that baby is extremely long. He looks huge for some reason!! Maybe I just really have no idea how big (or small) a baby should be. That's probably more like it.

  8. You look so pretty and I love the new bedroom.
    I have all sorts of thoughts on all your most recent posts, but Iris hasn't been napping? And so I read them on my phone, and then I forget to comment.

    But I'm heeeere!

  9. I totally agree with you on the pants issue, and I'm not even pregnant! You look gorgeous in that maxi dress!

  10. Um, I want that wrap and I'm not even pregnant. Maybe I could just stick Molly in it and wander around SF with my guinea pig and my Starbucks. Considering this is SF, I highly doubt anyone would look twice.

    Also, totally with you on the maxi dresses. Pants are stupid.

    1. Correction: pants are stupid, unless they're yoga pants.

  11. Yes this looks too chic... I love it. But Im having twins.