July 30, 2012

work for sleep?

i'm more tired than i've been in a while and so i'm just going to drop in quickly to say thank you to everyone who commented on the baby shower post. i would love to reply to everyone individually but this week i'm in LA for a photo shoot; today was our slowest day and i'm a little worried for how exhausted i'm going to be as we get busier so i'm going to sleep as much as possible. which means, i'm taking this short moment to offer a mass THANK YOU!! you guys are so freaking great, freals. 

i also wanted to mention that this month's button swaps are coming to an end tomorrow and i'll be moving over to passionfruit exclusively. if you are interested in swapping again, go ahead and add your button via the "buy now" link on my sponsor page. {don't worry, it's still free with a code} i'll be displaying 15 at a time, each will run for 30 days and they'll rotate with each page refresh so everyone will get equal exposure. hooray! 

i hope you've enjoyed swapping this month and can't wait to keep you on and to meet new bloggers!

thanks again for the love. 

goodnight. sleep tight. 
don't let the overworked bed bugs bite. 



  1. Oh poor baby. I remember this feeling. I fear it's hitting me wayyyy early this time around? Sleep all you can.

  2. Get some rest mama! I realize how impossible that is, so go do something for yourself. watch a movie , eat ice cream, browse pinterest. :)

    I hope River lets you get a little sleep!

  3. You look like Elisa in that pic!

  4. Feel better hun! You can do this, in the home stretch!!


  5. hey honey
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    I would be happy if you could take part!