July 15, 2012

pbm /// week 33

week 33 is here.

here are the things i'm liable to feel on any given day:

  • baby spams, rumbles
  • baby knocking on my bladder - as in, i don't have to pee but then someone pushes so hard on it that i swear my bladder will fall out of my butt or maybe my belly button. it's hard to say really.
  • itchy, itchy belly - especially near my belly button and up by my ribs
  • tired exhausted in the middle of the day
  • awake as all hell in the middle of the night...i went to bed at 2:30am the other night for no good reason
  • happy 
  • impatient
  • excited
  • ready to move into our new place so that i can decorate everything
  • not ready to pack one single thing from our current house
  • glowing
  • fat and gross in general
  • comfy and cozy with my belly
  • uncomfortable with a watermelon in my way of doing many things - hugging, putting on/taking off bottoms, shoes
  • 100% ready
  • completely and totally unprepared
  • calm and confident
it's a crazy, pregnant world. 

stat party

weight: same story. 24lbs up. 

sleep: once i'm actually tired and ready to go to bed, i sleep like a champ. i owe it to my pillow party - pillows under each side, under my legs and my head. it's my very own pillow womb. ::maMA::

food: i can eat pretty much anything but not having any specific cravings. any cravings seem to stem from the summer heat more than pregnancy...ice cream, watermelon, ice water, ice cold root beer, cold cereal

symptoms: see above

psst...a little birdie told me there's a blog design giveaway on sarah's blog today. 
from me!! for free! go forth and enter.

and for the win...

Happy Birthday to a lovely, lovely bloggy friend!
Have a beautiful day, Erin!! 30 is seriously the best ever! It's the beginning of our self-assured years and c'mon after 29 years of confusion, we deserve this, don't ya think? Enjoy it, Celebrate it, Embrace it!! 

xo, ex-oh.


  1. That picture is awesome! I ate a pazookie from BJs today and it was the only thing that tasted really good all day. I blame the hot hot heat.

  2. Sounds like things are going pretty awesome!! I know you must be so excited! Time is flying!

  3. eeek, how exciting! i am living vicariously through you..baby fever! :) p.s. my watermelon consumption spikes to an alarming rate in summer, it can't be helped.

  4. i love the list with all its contradictions--i think that is totally normal.

    and i think the heat makes everyone eat weird things, well that has always been my excuse :)

  5. Awwww thanks lady!!! So sweet! I hope you're right! :)

  6. Gosh. Your life is just so pretttty.

    And what is with being so tired and not being able to sleep?!