July 9, 2012

pbm :: week 32

call me, crazy (or maybe) but i think this is getting easier as time goes on. and it could be because i'm tired and unapologetic about resting as much as possible but i'm feeling pretty great these days. the belly is still heavy and bending over and/or reaching for things is just hilarious but other than that, i feel really good. and calm. and mostly, just super freaking excited to meet him. 

all. good. things. 

you guys didn't think i buttoned my shorts anymore, did you?
easton and i thought it would be fun to show off two bellies! 

weight: same, up 23-24 lbs. i even lost 2 lbs for a few days last week. ha! scales is funny.

my new favorite is rubbing the holy hell out of my belly with a loofah in the shower. because IT ITCHES! but i dont scratch. never scratch. my mom has been telling me not to scratch my pregnant belly since i was 5 years old. she's super serious about it. to her, it's the major, evil culprit behind the major, evil stretch marks that could follow. so scratching is entirely off limits! 

but in the shower, oh, the shower, with my loofah-esque washcloth thing, i just stand under the hot water and rub and rub the belly in a circular motion and it's glorious. glor. ee. us. 

*note: if i end up with circular stretch marks, my mother's theory will be proven correct and i will cry. 

what i miss most: jumping around. cartwheels. running. walking quickly. painting my toe nails. yoga. playful rumpus room activities (ahem). curling up into a ball for no reason at all. oh and alcohol. lots and lots of alcohol. i had a virgin margarita last night and it lied to me so good that i thought i was drunk. so then i passed out way earlier than usual. 

i slept like a baby. 



  1. I have been awaiting this PBM update all day! I can breathe easier now, thankyouverymuch.
    I miss Easton. Maybe it's time for a walk-date again.
    Also, holy hell, it just hit me that you're at 32 weeks. Thirty effing two. You're almost there... come on, LEO baby...let's do this!

  2. You look great! I love that shirt and need to remember that loofah trick in case I ever get pregnant.

  3. ahhh it is so so so close! how is it so close? i mean, doesn't it feel like yesterday that you were 14 weeks? (that's how it is to me)

    but keep on going! each when when you get closer, that means i get closer, so... yeah. i like that.

  4. "it lied to me so good."
    Love it!

  5. LOL girl the only, ok not the only but one of the biggest reasons I'm not pregnant now is because I love margaritas and mojitos too much to give them up for so long. I have yet to try a virgin margarita though, so maybe if I do, I'll be ready?

  6. you look great! i agree that shorts should be totally optional at this stage of pregnancy.. and, i'm taking notes for when i get preggo...scratching = stretch marks. must remember this!!

  7. You are too freakin' cute with that baby bump!! 32 weeks....oh the memories. You make me miss being preggo...and I NEVER thought that was possible!

  8. love the virgin margarita comment, that would so happen to me :)

  9. Really, really cute! And a boxer!! We had a boxer too. HAD. :(