July 2, 2012

pbm :: week 31

oh hey there week 31, how are ya?

how's about some hot iphone photo action? nitty gritty hotel photo shoot with a bare belly. 

we are officially in the single digit countdown. hells to the yeah. i cannot wait to meet my little boy. to see his face and hold his tiny hands. though i'm wondering how tiny his hands will be because this kid is growing, y'all. i know i say this every week but in these recent weeks, it really does feel like growth is at a maximum. and things are heavy, heavy, heavy. which leads me into our weekly update...

:: it's some kind of cray. both belly and boobs are so heavy that they require serious support and pillow hugging is the only way i can describe what needs to happen each night. i say goodnight to hank and then i proceed to stuff my body pillow under my left side and two other pillows under my right side. i have two pillows under my head and sometimes i even want another one for my right arm to rest upon. mmm, so soft. 

:: i left to minnesota a smaller person. i returned to a scale screaming large numbers at me. and now it's official, i've crossed the 20 pound mark, way crossed. 24 pounds and counting, kids. also new, exciting and weight related - water retention. aka swelling. my feet is fat. my ankles is fat. i kinda, sorta thought this wouldn't happen. oh, reality, you saucy bitch. 

:: i'm in a bit of a weird stage. i'm not craving anything and am worried about eating everything. i'm starting to feel guilty about eating anything unhealthy and it's bugging me. there is enough to think about in this stage of pregnancy and feeling unsettled about every meal is just obnoxious. i'm working on it but i feel a little lost and confused. 

:: i have acquired a new interest and it's freaking me out, big time. i am having urges to nest. ack! proving those pregnancy books right just kills me but by golly, they're right on this one. i want to make a little house for my birdie. and because we're most likely moving next month, (more on this later) i can't do anything to quench my thirst. bah! who am i?? 



  1. You're still so pretty at 31 weeks!

    As for the water retention thing, stay away from carbs! During my first pregnancy my doctor put me on a super strict diet consisting mainly of protein and veggies. I was NOT allowed to eat pasta at all. On the night of one of my baby showers however, I did eat pasta. And the next day I got scolded because he could see that my face and hands had gotten a bit swollen.

    Next time you eat pasta or carbs, try and squeeze your hands together (make a fist) the next day and you'll feel the tightness because of the water retention.

    Hope that helps a little!

    ♥ Duckie.

  2. You gorgeous gorgeous momma-to-be!!!! You are ALMOST there!!!!!! I can't even imagine what life will be like when I am 31 weeks!!!! I'm so excited for you!

  3. you look amazing! as though you are 31 weeks!

    i am only 20 weeks along and can't imagine getting to 31 weeks.

    and i am hoping the swollen feet and ankles don't become a reality but i have a horrible feeling they will at some point.

  4. You look ABSOLUTELY gorgeous. Can't even handle.

  5. You look so beautiful, it makes me think of how i'd look like if i'm having a baby in my belly. hmm well, maybe it's too early to think about it. and about the ankle swelling thing, it will be good after SINGLE DIGIT NUMBER countdown. yay to that!


  6. I say this is in the kindest way possible but you are freakin' huge. And stunning. But everyone else has already told you that and I just wanted to make sure that you're keepin' it real.

    Holy cow, I never want to get pregnant. Ever. I would easily just fall right on over every time I stood up.

    Now that's out of my system, you really really really do look absolutely stunning and I personally love me some nitty gritty iphone motel room photos. I also sleep with that many pillows normally..


  7. You are looking fabulous girl, getting up there woooo hoooo!!!

  8. How do you pull off being pregnant so well? You look great!! Are you an exMN girl? I live in MN :) Love your blog, as always.


  9. I can't believe how amazing you look! Do you have even a single stretch mark??? That's so unfair. I get stretch marks just from living life.

  10. You look great! I'm 33 weeks and also having a little boy...so exciting!!


  11. Love love love this picture :) you have the tannest belly ever! Do you use anything for stretch marks?