July 20, 2012

friday at starbucks and unseasonable clothing

Every morning, I leave this face at home. But he should have been happier for me today because it's Friday and that means I can justify a trip to Starbucks! 

Truth be told, I'm able to justify trips there fairly often. Don't tell Easton! I mean, an iced chai just makes the morning better. You know what else makes the morning better?! 

As I'm walking past the outdoor seating to the front door...

"Hey darlin', you got a little somethin' for a beer?" 

"Ha. Wait, what?"

man laughs. 


Inside, in line...

"So how much longer you got?"

"About 7 weeks"

"Hey, that's pretty soon!"

"Yeah, it is! Thanks!"

"So that's a little new year's baby. Conceived around the new year."

"Oh yeah, I hadn't thought about that. I guess he is."

"They say babies born in the winter months are more likely to have Seasonal Affect Disorder in life. When's your birthday?"

"August. So I guess I'll be OK."

"Yeah, I was born in the beginning of January..."

man walks off to order his SAD coffee. 


My usual bestie barista is there and says hello to me, by name. ahem. We chat, he says it's sad that i'll be moving and hands me my banana nut bread. I start eating it right there at the counter. He says "thanks and have a nice day" as if to say...move out of the way now, hungry lady. 


So it's summer, like, everywhere. Even here, in mild San Diego, it's been hot as balls. Yes, balls. So, accordingly, during one of my new insomnia episodes, I bought these appropriate for summer pants. 

find them here if you're pregnant.
if you're not, weirdo, these are for you. 
Yes, they are exactly what they appear to be. Leatheresque leggings, probably thick and undoubtedly hot...as balls. I have been wanting faux leather leggings since January and here I am, finding them in July. Whatever, I don't care. I'll wear them to all the air conditioned places I can find. 

Hockey rink, here. I. come. 


In other news, have you guys seen Mish's new blog layout? I just designed and installed it for her last night. 
I don't mean to toot my own horn but um, toot. 


The winner of the blog makeover giveaway was announced today! 

Have the happiest of weekends, my loves!


  1. Boom. Love the blog. You know this.
    Love those fauxleather pants too. You'll look so hot in them. Hot as balls.

  2. That is such a sad puppy face. I get that when I leave my two babies, too. I always feel like they think I'm not coming back. So sad.

    AHHHH I got the "Oh, so you conceived on New Years?" thing at Walgreens. And then you know what she said after that? "Shit happens." UM.

    Also, her math was wrong. We didn't get crazy on New Years.

  3. oh my gosh! your dog is adorable! this post makes me so happy, and i love that new blog layout!

  4. Every time you post a picture of Easton, I giggle. I have a boxer named Lexi and she makes the same pathetic faces, haha!

    The Blue Hour

  5. HAHA, I can't believe someone would talk to you about when you CONCEIVED your child. Uncomfortable! I was born in January, ON NEW YEARS DAY. And I do not have SAD. That man deserves a, "SO - TYVM, sir."

    BTW thinking of wearing those pants right now makes me automatically start sweating...

  6. Her blog looks fantastic!! Great job!!

  7. wait, what?! you live in SD??