July 17, 2012

currently, in real life

i'm not sleeping much anymore.

i'm up until the night turns into tomorrow and awake again just as the sun is starting to rise. and i don't know what to do with myself so i...

pick up the clutter.
wash the dishes.
check in with instagram, email, facebook. 
watch the dateline E! story on tom and katie.

invite easton to cuddle with me on the couch.

i woke up the other night at 3am because my arm was burning. a bug bite me/stung me/scared the shit out of me. it was burning and a rash was spreading. there were little bumps surrounding a bigger bump and the baby was moving a lot and i thought we were both going to die. so i woke up the hank and made him google black widow bites and dangerous pregnant reactions while i sobbed next to him and tore the bed apart to find the culprit. (i didn't find him/her, btw)

these are the actions of a tired woman.

it's still burns but i'm alive and the rash is gone so i'm trying to stay calm sane.
though not sane enough not to show you...

fucking bugs.
fucking sleep.


  1. ahhh scary! i would have totally had the same reaction, i'm a total hypochondriac. we found a pincher bug (i don't even know if they ebvereally pinch?)in our bed, let's just say i had a slight meltdown.... glad your rash is gone!

  2. aww this post makes me sad :( Glad you are okay.

  3. WAIT. What? I am getting weird bug bites. Several days in a row. With bruises by them. Are bugs attracted to pregnant ladies? WHAT IS HAPPENING?

  4. I appreciate that even in your tired state, you managed to refer to the bug in a gender neutral way. Shooot. I don't even do that when I'm not tired. Well done!

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  6. I'm sorry... :( at least you have the cutest little boxer next to you (well, besides mine..). And I would've gone ape shit too about a bug bite so I'm with ya!
    (and I removed the comment above because I didn't clarify what I would go ape shit on...I try to stay classy) ;)

  7. Sleep doesn't come easy for me either, really neither does breathing. Do I really need this many ribs? I'm contemplating removing a couple. Just a couple!

    Hope tonight's sleep is better -- pregnant ladies can't take sleeping pills... uh, right?