July 13, 2012

at the downtown clinic, i'm a snob

today's midwife appointment was at the downtown location, which is rather close to my house. and though i live near this downtown location, i'm decidedly in a more uptown neighborhood. and by uptown, i mean rich town. i'm a renter in a rich town, so don't misunderstand me. but yes, there are sidewalks and happy people pushing strollers and walking dogs. it's clean and bright and all things just right.

and yet...just 2 miles down the road, our local medical office/clinic/ is less than cheery. it's possibly, even, exactly, downright scary. 

and i never even knew. i've been driving about 15 miles up the freeway to another uptown area for all my previous appointments (and future ones). it's in a business/hospital district. it's newer and cleaner and overall, your standard suburban building. and i was never impressed. i never even noticed how good i had it. and then today happened and i thought as i was sitting in the crowded waiting room for 35 minutes, holy mother of shit, this is my last time here. 

that is, until i have to birth this little river...

*yes, the birth center i'll be delivering at is a hop, skip and jump away from this clinic. it's not as bad, we've already taken a tour. but it's close and what if the cigarette smoke creeps into our serene birth center window?!

first, this building is old. OLD. as in, maybe it was there when san diego was first born. maybe it was the first clinic they built, maybe it used to be better...

the rooms are old and tiny and old. and the patrons. well...

the people on either side of me were life-long smokers and my god, that smell cannot be escaped. 

the guy across from me coughed something like a lung up, multiple times and never once covered his mouth. he then ran into his friend and they started chatting. apparently, his friend has had some bad luck lately! his girlfriend has been dealing drugs from his apartment for two whole months AND she stole all his money. also, his back and stomach and legs hurt, real bad. they went out for a smoke after their prescriptions were filled. 

"c'mon man, let's go have one outside."

20 minutes pass...it still smells like smoke in there. 

then, in walks a girl, wearing a face mask, weighing at around 80 lbs. 
she's probably 27 years old and easily 5'6" tall. 

now we know that eating disorders are no joke but i'm surrounded by smokers, drug dealer acquaintances and now, a seemingly anorexic girl. and i'm pregnant. sitting there, with my basketball belly, trying to enjoy what is usually an exciting thing. when you're pregnant, check-ups and ultrasounds are money. they are the time tickers telling you you're getting closer, the days you get to hear your bunny's heartbeat, happy days. and this waiting room was cramping my steeze, y'all. 

so yeah, i came, i saw, i'm over it. 
i'm an uptown girl, apparently. or a snob. 



  1. AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Okay. Then imma snob too. Because you know I'm driving all the way over to the other side of town just to go to the NICE grocery store.

  2. the wonders of Downtown. It looks so pretty from the plane...or Coronado Island. hahaha.

  3. Hahaha that's hilarious. That happened to me once in NYC. I was taking my sister in law and her twins to the doctor for a check-up and we ended up in this waiting room with this woman who was 31 and had 9 children...one of whom was the 2 year old she was bringing to the doctor who was dressed in a onesie in the middle of winter, eating steak fries out of a greasy paper bag. Awesome. The future of America.

  4. I wouldn't call that snobby, love! You've got every right to choose where you go. Look on the bright side, at least there wasn't a pee soaked old man in there telling stories about the war. Better luck next time girl!

  5. Sounds icky! I'd be a snob, too :) Btw I love everything about the outfit you're wearing in the pic up top!

  6. I love all your outfits!! I think your pregnancy wardrobe is fabulous, when me and my husband decide to start a family, I wanna be the cute pregnant lady that wears the adorable outfits, LOL!

  7. not snobby! totally normal!

    Rusty used to rent in El Cajon! I visited once. Heh.

  8. oh man. I would not be down for that kind of clinic. It reminds me of a time I went to Planned Parenthood in college to get more birth control polls and I could not believe the people that were there. While I was sitting there waiting fooorrrever, a pregnant 14 year old went to the back and then ten minutes later her mom runs into the clinic screaming for her, pounding on the glass, trying to get through the locked door, yelling "You little SLUT!"

    I'm all for uptown.

  9. i'm a total snob, no judgements here...uptown all the way!

  10. Such a cute pregnant girl! Love that outfit and it looks comfy! New follower!


  11. When it comes to health, being a snob can be a good thing! I definitely would not appreciate all that smoke and ridiculous around if I was preggo as well (or even not preggo)! Stay uptown!

    Your basketball belly is so adorable!!

  12. scary - glad the delivery location is a little better!
    excited to be your newest follower :)