July 6, 2012

and sometimes when we touch...

the honesty's too much. and i have to close my eyes aaaaaaaaand cry. i wanna hold ya 'til i die! 'til we both...ok, you know the rest.

i'm not entirely sure where that song came from but i'm thinking it's a result of all the blog love going on around here. because for serious, button swapping is like a party. a virtual party of new voices and faces and sharing and caring. and oh, it's just so lovely! i love each and every one of yous guys for responding.

so to all other readers: check those ladies out! they are doing their thing on the daily and it's pretty rad.


in other news, i saw these onesies on gilt today. they're $46 for 2; a little steep, no?
but still, they're pretty damn cute.

if only i were crafty, i might make my own versions. puffy paint, maybe?


also, expensive...moving. it's officially official. we three are moving. it's bittersweet, probably the most perfect example of bittersweet i've ever experienced. (well, it rivals my move from LA to SD back in the day, a story for another time)

closer to grandparents
closer to hometown friends (and their children)
bigger house (we're going from a 2/1 to a 4/2! daaaamn)
saving monies
a backyard with grass!
gorgeous views

moving is a pain in the ass - especially when you can't really bend over or lift things
no more city sidewalks, city sidewalks
work commute = much longer.
no more 1920's craftsman home to enjoy (expect a lot of photos of my current place in the next few weeks)
farther away from my everyday friends (wah)
moving is a pain in the ass - did i say that already?

all in all, it's good. i'm working my way up to excited, even.

here's a sneaky peeky.
the front door and a hank. and truly, he makes any house the perfect house.

have a very happy weekend, friends!


  1. Oooohh I like the style already! And your hubby is so cute. You're right, he would probably make any house look good! LoLo and I bought our house a little over a year ago and it's so nice to have so much space. And it's also kind of nice to not be in the city anymore... the burbs definitely grow on you!

  2. this house is BEAUTIFUL! im actually SUPER jealous.. so bring on the pics, sista..

  3. Love that house... Looks so cozy! :)

  4. well girl, your house sure looks cute!
    p.s. play the pregnancy card & bribe friends with pizza/beer. Get it girl! ;)

  5. I hate moving too and we seem to do it every few years. grrr. I couldn't imagine having to do it while preggo. Good Luck!!

  6. I've seen what you can do. Making those onesies can definitely be added to the list.

    ALSO MOVING. Oh my! Before the babe?! After the babe?! So much, so much. But the new house look beeeaauuutiiiful.

  7. So exciting!From what I can tell the house looks lovely!

  8. Such a cute house! And $46 for those onesies is wayyyy too much. Baby will outgrow them in a heartbeat. I'm sure you could find something similar for cheaper on Etsy or something.

    ♥ Duckie.

  9. Aww I know the feeling! We seem to move every year and always seem to find more pors than cons. Your new house looks amazing! Love your blog as well! I actually put you in my friday links last week, everyone should be enjoying this!

  10. Um, seriously, I LOVE that house...It looks like my house but on steroids and that new Cindy Crawford cosmetic line..or something.
    But I dwell also in the loathieness of moving too. So you're on common ground. :)