July 30, 2012

work for sleep?

i'm more tired than i've been in a while and so i'm just going to drop in quickly to say thank you to everyone who commented on the baby shower post. i would love to reply to everyone individually but this week i'm in LA for a photo shoot; today was our slowest day and i'm a little worried for how exhausted i'm going to be as we get busier so i'm going to sleep as much as possible. which means, i'm taking this short moment to offer a mass THANK YOU!! you guys are so freaking great, freals. 

i also wanted to mention that this month's button swaps are coming to an end tomorrow and i'll be moving over to passionfruit exclusively. if you are interested in swapping again, go ahead and add your button via the "buy now" link on my sponsor page. {don't worry, it's still free with a code} i'll be displaying 15 at a time, each will run for 30 days and they'll rotate with each page refresh so everyone will get equal exposure. hooray! 

i hope you've enjoyed swapping this month and can't wait to keep you on and to meet new bloggers!

thanks again for the love. 

goodnight. sleep tight. 
don't let the overworked bed bugs bite. 


pbm: week 35 and a baby shower

once the shower happens, it's all pretty real, yes? 
because that's how i feel now that my shower is officially over. my sister and mom threw a fabulously gorgeous party. i'll let the photos do most of the talking. hope you enjoy! 

there was some serious present opening. 
river and i were exceedingly spoiled, i'm not gonna lie. 

thank you sister, thank you mom. 
i love you!! 

and thank you to everyone that came out to celebrate us. everyone was incredibly generous and loving and kind and fun and, and, and. 
we're so very lucky to have you in our lives.  

July 27, 2012

1 day, 3 babies...and other things

Remember that day I met 3 new babies and got to hold each one just long enough to make me want to hold my own more than ever. Yeah, that day happened this week. And it was joy overload. 

This week has been pretty crazy. I have this huge laundry list of life things to do and #1 on the NO FUN side is packing and moving. #2 is being in LA all next week for work. Me, pregnant, in a hotel, alone, working all week, while my poor husband has to pack an entire house for our Saturday move. Dear Hank - I really, really like you. 

#1 on the FUN list is my BABY SHOWER! It's tomorrow and I am kinda, super excited about it. I'm the luckiest to have a big group of sexy ladies to spend the day with. I even got my nails did for the occasion. 

Blue polish party, clearly. 

And then I finished another blog for the beautiful and seriously hilarious Sarai
She's pretty fab, you should check her out. 

And I guess that's all I have to say about this week. 

But can someone tell me how it's FRIDAY already?! It's official, I'm losing time people. I'm losing something anyway. 

Happy Weekend!! 

July 25, 2012

farewell home :: part 2

oh, the details. 

we're about a week out from the move now. boxes are starting to fill rooms. we're lagging on cleaning up these days because really, what's the point? soon we'll be in our new home, unpacking boxes and cleaning vigorously, [see: pregnancy nesting craziness] so i'll wait until then. i'm feeling pretty excited about decorating the new place, gettin' creative and then taking a nap. or 100 naps. whatever. 


July 24, 2012

a little tuesday truth

There are lessons I often want to impart on my female counterparts. I want so much for each and every one of you. I want so much for myself. And while it can be hard to follow one's own good advice, perhaps it's easier to follow the advice of others. Maybe we're all Alice.
I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it. And that explains the trouble that I'm always in. 
So today, I'm going to be the one to say...

...that standing up for yourself is always a good idea. Defending your feelings or your position to another does not make you a mean person. It does not make you a harsh person. It is you, being kind to yourself. It is you, being kind to those around you. People like knowing where they stand with others. When you stand up for yourself and are honest with those around you, relationships bloom and grow. edelweiss.

...don't ever be afraid to be yourself. Don't ever let someone make you feel like your opinion doesn't matter. Even if you both disagree in the end, or they change your mind, or you change their mind!, you are both being honest and kind to one another. No one wants a "yes" friend, they want a real friend.

...taking things personally is dangerous. People have their own lives, their own experiences and as a result, their own skewed points of view. We all do. It's not a bad thing, it just is. So when someone, anyone, says something to you, don't take it personally. Take it at face value and decide how you feel about it. Do you agree? Do you disagree? KNOW that they are not saying it to hurt you. They're just talkin', just sharin' their view and how you react to that is completely your choice. It's kinda liberating isn't it? This is not to say that they're always wrong but knowing that in the end, they're going to be OK with your decisions and opinions is pretty freaking sweet And if they're not, then that's OK too. Because it has nothing to do with you.

...you can only control your actions and reactions. stop hoping for others to change and instead, change how you react to others. you can't blame anyone for making you sad. you can only blame yourself. if someone has done something to make you feel bad, tell them. if they work to change it, great! if they don't, move on. you deserve better.

...be kind to other women. love your lady community. embrace, support and understand each other.

like anyone else, these are hard for me, especially as my current, emotional, hormonal self. but i try, try every day to remember these lessons and when i do, life is much easier. 

love, love, love.


July 22, 2012

PregnantBellyMonday >> Week34

A few things to address immediately: 

1. I had Hank take this week's pictures in the backyard to show everyone how it's been for WEEKS, with his surfboard resting on that chair. If you were to see what's behind the photographer, you'd also notice the towel and wetsuit that has been crumpled in a ball on the patio for weeks. This is life with the male species. And this is me, trying to remember everything about our time in this house again. Messy backyard? Check!

2. Where did my ass go? No, seriously, I'm taking an ad out in the paper. Cash reward. Find it, someone, please. I'm going to start writing letters to it, pen pal steeze, in hopes that it will return to its proper home. 

Dear Ass, I didn't appreciate you enough when you were around but I promise to love and squeeze you like you deserve to be loved and squeezed. Please come home in time to meet River. Thanks in advance. Love, Me. 

Alright. Now that that's out of the way, let's talk pregnancy shit! Yeeah! 

  • Is it hot in here? Don't answer that because it is. It always is. Having to get dressed somewhat appropriately for work is a joke. Can't I just wear my underwear and tank top? I'll close my office door, promise.
  • I read that bunny is possibly 5 lbs and 19 inches long by now. Does that sound enormous to anyone else?! And with 6 more weeks to go still? The only positive about this news is that I'm still 24 lbs up. In my professional opinion, this is because he's growing by eating up all my excess fat! Good news, people, good news. edit: excess fat = ass. bunny ate my ass. 
  • Movement, as always, is constant, though there has been a new development in the past few days. It's sort of a vibrating movement...I'm calling it the "real person stretch" - ya know, the one where you stretch so hard that you kinda shake. Yep. Also new, rubbing up against my hip bones and large movements that actually take my breath away. Yep again. 
  • I exercised a little this weekend...danced in the shower, did 5 squats, walked to our neighborhood eatery...and I gotta say, it kinda felt great AND made a huge improvement on the pelvic pain that had come back with a vengeance. And to this I say: exercise, people may be right about you, you sly dog. 
  • Potty Talk. Peeing a lot these days. A LOT. It's slightly ridiculous and entirely inconvenient. It's like having a UTI without the burning which I guess is better than a UTI but still, rather annoying, yes? As far as pooping goes, I've been pretty damn lucky. Regular as a regular. Though this little guy is moving so much that um, sometimes he's moving during an extended poo loo session and it's freaking me out. It's like having an audience, in the front row, heckling you during the performance. Get out of the theater, clown! ...i might have laughed out loud the first time this happened. 

And maybe that's enough for this week, eh? 

p.s. can i be done now? 


July 20, 2012

friday at starbucks and unseasonable clothing

Every morning, I leave this face at home. But he should have been happier for me today because it's Friday and that means I can justify a trip to Starbucks! 

Truth be told, I'm able to justify trips there fairly often. Don't tell Easton! I mean, an iced chai just makes the morning better. You know what else makes the morning better?! 

As I'm walking past the outdoor seating to the front door...

"Hey darlin', you got a little somethin' for a beer?" 

"Ha. Wait, what?"

man laughs. 


Inside, in line...

"So how much longer you got?"

"About 7 weeks"

"Hey, that's pretty soon!"

"Yeah, it is! Thanks!"

"So that's a little new year's baby. Conceived around the new year."

"Oh yeah, I hadn't thought about that. I guess he is."

"They say babies born in the winter months are more likely to have Seasonal Affect Disorder in life. When's your birthday?"

"August. So I guess I'll be OK."

"Yeah, I was born in the beginning of January..."

man walks off to order his SAD coffee. 


My usual bestie barista is there and says hello to me, by name. ahem. We chat, he says it's sad that i'll be moving and hands me my banana nut bread. I start eating it right there at the counter. He says "thanks and have a nice day" as if to say...move out of the way now, hungry lady. 


So it's summer, like, everywhere. Even here, in mild San Diego, it's been hot as balls. Yes, balls. So, accordingly, during one of my new insomnia episodes, I bought these appropriate for summer pants. 

find them here if you're pregnant.
if you're not, weirdo, these are for you. 
Yes, they are exactly what they appear to be. Leatheresque leggings, probably thick and undoubtedly hot...as balls. I have been wanting faux leather leggings since January and here I am, finding them in July. Whatever, I don't care. I'll wear them to all the air conditioned places I can find. 

Hockey rink, here. I. come. 


In other news, have you guys seen Mish's new blog layout? I just designed and installed it for her last night. 
I don't mean to toot my own horn but um, toot. 


The winner of the blog makeover giveaway was announced today! 

Have the happiest of weekends, my loves!

July 18, 2012

farewell home :: part 1

we haven't packed anything yet so i'm taking advantage of a still-intact home to photograph. we moved in just 16 months ago and just as it was starting to feel like a real home, we're off on another adventure. the homes of the 20's are something special, with their crown molding, wood floors, imperfect glass windows. it's these details that i want to try and capture before we leave and forget them forever. 

in the house that a river was built. 

p.s. last day to enter for a free blog makeover by MEE! click here, ya'll. 

July 17, 2012

a little ditty by me, for free.

every now and then, i use my spare time wisely and accomplish something worthwhile.
ya know, other than napping and MAKING A HUMAN BEING! 

most recently, my accomplishments have come in the way of blog design. i've been lucky enough to have some interested parties willing to let me get jiggy with their blog spaces.

aren't they just the cutest?! 

i might be biased but c'mon - that there's my brain juice. 

1 / 2 / 3 / 4
clearly, i have a mild wild? obsession with white space.

if you like what you see, then you should hop on over to sarah's blog and enter for a FREE blog design from yours truly! 

better than a finger in the eye, ain't they? 

(i know bert certainly agrees)


currently, in real life

i'm not sleeping much anymore.

i'm up until the night turns into tomorrow and awake again just as the sun is starting to rise. and i don't know what to do with myself so i...

pick up the clutter.
wash the dishes.
check in with instagram, email, facebook. 
watch the dateline E! story on tom and katie.

invite easton to cuddle with me on the couch.

i woke up the other night at 3am because my arm was burning. a bug bite me/stung me/scared the shit out of me. it was burning and a rash was spreading. there were little bumps surrounding a bigger bump and the baby was moving a lot and i thought we were both going to die. so i woke up the hank and made him google black widow bites and dangerous pregnant reactions while i sobbed next to him and tore the bed apart to find the culprit. (i didn't find him/her, btw)

these are the actions of a tired woman.

it's still burns but i'm alive and the rash is gone so i'm trying to stay calm sane.
though not sane enough not to show you...

fucking bugs.
fucking sleep.

July 15, 2012

pbm /// week 33

week 33 is here.

here are the things i'm liable to feel on any given day:

  • baby spams, rumbles
  • baby knocking on my bladder - as in, i don't have to pee but then someone pushes so hard on it that i swear my bladder will fall out of my butt or maybe my belly button. it's hard to say really.
  • itchy, itchy belly - especially near my belly button and up by my ribs
  • tired exhausted in the middle of the day
  • awake as all hell in the middle of the night...i went to bed at 2:30am the other night for no good reason
  • happy 
  • impatient
  • excited
  • ready to move into our new place so that i can decorate everything
  • not ready to pack one single thing from our current house
  • glowing
  • fat and gross in general
  • comfy and cozy with my belly
  • uncomfortable with a watermelon in my way of doing many things - hugging, putting on/taking off bottoms, shoes
  • 100% ready
  • completely and totally unprepared
  • calm and confident
it's a crazy, pregnant world. 

stat party

weight: same story. 24lbs up. 

sleep: once i'm actually tired and ready to go to bed, i sleep like a champ. i owe it to my pillow party - pillows under each side, under my legs and my head. it's my very own pillow womb. ::maMA::

food: i can eat pretty much anything but not having any specific cravings. any cravings seem to stem from the summer heat more than pregnancy...ice cream, watermelon, ice water, ice cold root beer, cold cereal

symptoms: see above

psst...a little birdie told me there's a blog design giveaway on sarah's blog today. 
from me!! for free! go forth and enter.

and for the win...

Happy Birthday to a lovely, lovely bloggy friend!
Have a beautiful day, Erin!! 30 is seriously the best ever! It's the beginning of our self-assured years and c'mon after 29 years of confusion, we deserve this, don't ya think? Enjoy it, Celebrate it, Embrace it!! 

xo, ex-oh.

July 13, 2012

at the downtown clinic, i'm a snob

today's midwife appointment was at the downtown location, which is rather close to my house. and though i live near this downtown location, i'm decidedly in a more uptown neighborhood. and by uptown, i mean rich town. i'm a renter in a rich town, so don't misunderstand me. but yes, there are sidewalks and happy people pushing strollers and walking dogs. it's clean and bright and all things just right.

and yet...just 2 miles down the road, our local medical office/clinic/ is less than cheery. it's possibly, even, exactly, downright scary. 

and i never even knew. i've been driving about 15 miles up the freeway to another uptown area for all my previous appointments (and future ones). it's in a business/hospital district. it's newer and cleaner and overall, your standard suburban building. and i was never impressed. i never even noticed how good i had it. and then today happened and i thought as i was sitting in the crowded waiting room for 35 minutes, holy mother of shit, this is my last time here. 

that is, until i have to birth this little river...

*yes, the birth center i'll be delivering at is a hop, skip and jump away from this clinic. it's not as bad, we've already taken a tour. but it's close and what if the cigarette smoke creeps into our serene birth center window?!

first, this building is old. OLD. as in, maybe it was there when san diego was first born. maybe it was the first clinic they built, maybe it used to be better...

the rooms are old and tiny and old. and the patrons. well...

the people on either side of me were life-long smokers and my god, that smell cannot be escaped. 

the guy across from me coughed something like a lung up, multiple times and never once covered his mouth. he then ran into his friend and they started chatting. apparently, his friend has had some bad luck lately! his girlfriend has been dealing drugs from his apartment for two whole months AND she stole all his money. also, his back and stomach and legs hurt, real bad. they went out for a smoke after their prescriptions were filled. 

"c'mon man, let's go have one outside."

20 minutes pass...it still smells like smoke in there. 

then, in walks a girl, wearing a face mask, weighing at around 80 lbs. 
she's probably 27 years old and easily 5'6" tall. 

now we know that eating disorders are no joke but i'm surrounded by smokers, drug dealer acquaintances and now, a seemingly anorexic girl. and i'm pregnant. sitting there, with my basketball belly, trying to enjoy what is usually an exciting thing. when you're pregnant, check-ups and ultrasounds are money. they are the time tickers telling you you're getting closer, the days you get to hear your bunny's heartbeat, happy days. and this waiting room was cramping my steeze, y'all. 

so yeah, i came, i saw, i'm over it. 
i'm an uptown girl, apparently. or a snob. 


July 11, 2012

making wednesday work

wednesday huh? 
middle of the week...ho hum. 

good thing i have this tropically festive dress to wear! i really should be going to a luau but instead im at the office, in front of a computer. i am barefoot though! maybe i'll play some island music today and sway in the wind, the wind from the air conditioner. 

tah-tah een da wiiind. 

and then after all the work for the day is done, i'll go somewhere really cool, liiike....

to the movies to see magic mike! for serious, that's what i'm doing after work tonight with my lady wolf-pack. dinner and a movie about strippers. oh hey there wednesday, you're looking mighty fine all of a sudden. 

also fine, the living room in the house that will be ours for just 3 more weeks. wah.
let's take a moment, shall we?


July 9, 2012

a photo shoot: the K family






i'm always so excited when my friends ask me to step in as photographer for the day. 

over the weekend, my life-long friend nicole asked me to come up to her new house and take some casual photos of her family. so up i went and we tried our best to wrangle a 2 year old and a 4 month old for photo taking. all in all, they did so great! and those faces...i mean, you can't go wrong with faces like those.

love you guys!  


pbm :: week 32

call me, crazy (or maybe) but i think this is getting easier as time goes on. and it could be because i'm tired and unapologetic about resting as much as possible but i'm feeling pretty great these days. the belly is still heavy and bending over and/or reaching for things is just hilarious but other than that, i feel really good. and calm. and mostly, just super freaking excited to meet him. 

all. good. things. 

you guys didn't think i buttoned my shorts anymore, did you?
easton and i thought it would be fun to show off two bellies! 

weight: same, up 23-24 lbs. i even lost 2 lbs for a few days last week. ha! scales is funny.

my new favorite is rubbing the holy hell out of my belly with a loofah in the shower. because IT ITCHES! but i dont scratch. never scratch. my mom has been telling me not to scratch my pregnant belly since i was 5 years old. she's super serious about it. to her, it's the major, evil culprit behind the major, evil stretch marks that could follow. so scratching is entirely off limits! 

but in the shower, oh, the shower, with my loofah-esque washcloth thing, i just stand under the hot water and rub and rub the belly in a circular motion and it's glorious. glor. ee. us. 

*note: if i end up with circular stretch marks, my mother's theory will be proven correct and i will cry. 

what i miss most: jumping around. cartwheels. running. walking quickly. painting my toe nails. yoga. playful rumpus room activities (ahem). curling up into a ball for no reason at all. oh and alcohol. lots and lots of alcohol. i had a virgin margarita last night and it lied to me so good that i thought i was drunk. so then i passed out way earlier than usual. 

i slept like a baby. 


July 6, 2012

and sometimes when we touch...

the honesty's too much. and i have to close my eyes aaaaaaaaand cry. i wanna hold ya 'til i die! 'til we both...ok, you know the rest.

i'm not entirely sure where that song came from but i'm thinking it's a result of all the blog love going on around here. because for serious, button swapping is like a party. a virtual party of new voices and faces and sharing and caring. and oh, it's just so lovely! i love each and every one of yous guys for responding.

so to all other readers: check those ladies out! they are doing their thing on the daily and it's pretty rad.


in other news, i saw these onesies on gilt today. they're $46 for 2; a little steep, no?
but still, they're pretty damn cute.

if only i were crafty, i might make my own versions. puffy paint, maybe?


also, expensive...moving. it's officially official. we three are moving. it's bittersweet, probably the most perfect example of bittersweet i've ever experienced. (well, it rivals my move from LA to SD back in the day, a story for another time)

closer to grandparents
closer to hometown friends (and their children)
bigger house (we're going from a 2/1 to a 4/2! daaaamn)
saving monies
a backyard with grass!
gorgeous views

moving is a pain in the ass - especially when you can't really bend over or lift things
no more city sidewalks, city sidewalks
work commute = much longer.
no more 1920's craftsman home to enjoy (expect a lot of photos of my current place in the next few weeks)
farther away from my everyday friends (wah)
moving is a pain in the ass - did i say that already?

all in all, it's good. i'm working my way up to excited, even.

here's a sneaky peeky.
the front door and a hank. and truly, he makes any house the perfect house.

have a very happy weekend, friends!