June 27, 2012

a trip and a winner

we're off on a jet plane today. 
minnesota bound and wedding ready! 

i imagine there to be trees and lakes there. we don't have many of those here so photos must be taken. i'll also be documenting my belly in transit because methinks flying at 30 weeks pregnant may be slightly difficult. who knows, perhaps i'll even knock a fellow passenger out with my big belly on my 29th trip to the bathroom! 

only time will tell.
wish me luck and follow along via instagram


remember that giveaway i was havin'? 

yay for natasha!
hey pretty lady, i'm think i have your email address already but feel free to email me about how excited you are because i love emails like you love apples! 

thanks to everyone else for entering! 



  1. I forgot you were leaving today!!! :(

    Have a safe flight and have mucho fun while I SUFFER here in the office...

    Love ya girlfriend :)

    P.S. River is SUCH a jet setter...

  2. My heart swelled with pride when I read "You go, Glen Coco."

    Also! Good luck with the 30-week flight! If it's any consolation, I only got up to pee twice on our flight back from Mexico...but you've got about ten weeks on me! ;)

  3. Have a safe flight and have fun in the land o' lakes. :)

  4. ME?! I WON!?


    You know - this is really funny. We have a wedding to go to in August (I'll be 8 months pregnant) and I was really sad about not being able to get a new dress for it. AND WELL WHADYA KNOW.

    This is amazing. You're awesome. Love. Apples. Fruit dip. You know.

  5. Hope you will have a great adventure... Wish I could join you. :)