June 21, 2012

throwback thursday

how lucky that today is thursday and that title totally works!

i was snooping in my old facebook photos and thought, shooot, sharing is caring. 
let's talk a walk. 


my 28th birthday [almost 3 years ago!!] at cheesecake factory aka my favorite restaurant
i could have alcohol back then...mmmmMmMm...alcohol. 


also 2009. 
i used to sing in front of people. 
i should probably do that again soon. 


at one of the best weddings ever. love you, ali! 
look at us tan little babies! 


me, shopping for wedding dresses. 
i didn't buy this one but doesn't that sales gal look excited!?

not throwback related, i'm blogging over at reverie today. 
see, very current! 



  1. I didn't know you sang!!!!! I bet you have a beautiful voice! And I loved your guest post and your baby name!!!!

  2. hahaha the sales gal looks over the moon. love it.

  3. Mmmm Mmm Cheesecake Factory!

  4. Ha! That sales gal... hilarious. My BFF tried to take pics of me in one boutique and they said it wasn't allowed?! So she snuck one anyway.