June 12, 2012

a regular, finally.

six, twelve, twelve. 
so congruent and lovely, yes?

also lovely!? 

I am officially official. 
My face recognizable and my name known to the masses…

at my local Starbucks! 

I walked in yesterday morning and approached the counter. 

"Hi Vicki! How are ya?"

{smiling big fat face time} "Hii! You remembered! Yay" 

…and then we laughed and talked about our babies. He has one in the outside world with a mop of curly hair as proven by the photos he showed me on his phone. I said the boy was adorable and told him about my potentially adorable son. So now we're besties. Though I forgot to ask his name…why don't baristas wear name tags? Too trite? Too McDonaldsesque? Coffee is not fast food - we've learned this - but we still want it fast. And if my local Starbucks had a drive-thru, you can bet your ass I'd be driving thru it. 

Where was I? Name tags. So yeah, I didn't catch his name, I'll ask next time. I'm not the best bestie, apparently.


p.s. I'm beyond bored today.
p.p.s. I think someone effed with my pandora stations because some seriously random songs that I don't like are thumbs'd up. 
p.p.p.s. my tip for creating the best pandora station: ONLY thumbs up something that you absolutely want to hear over and over again. otherwise, never thumbs up anything. only down, people, down with the songs you don't like. weed them out. play god and enjoy the music. 


  1. I'm having the same Pandora crisis today! And I've spent so much time giving a thumbs down to songs I once loved that I now hate. Ugh.

    Oh starbs. I was a regular in college. But only one of the baristas was any kind of friendly.

  2. I'm a regular at my local Starbucks too,but yet they don't greet me by name?!?I feel so cheated!I (thankfully) haven't had any trouble with my Pandora stations..yet.But I did learn the hard way what to thumbs down!

  3. Yay for being a regular! I do have a local coffee shop where they know my name. It was attached to my very first apartment here in Denver, and since I knew no one back then, let's just say the coffee shop got to know me quickly. HA. And I always go out of my way to go there simply because I love being greeted by name!

    Also, can we just talk about these braids for a moment? Because I try to do those and they do not look like that and that just can't possibly be fair.

  4. is that YOUR hair? Its fantastic!! love it!! And thumbs up for being officially official! Thumbs down for Pandora Problems...same dealio over here!

  5. haha I know what you mean sometimes im like ehh why the eff did i ever like that song.. ehh thumbs down never again!! that braid is super cute!!

  6. Haha, they know me at mine as well. I only get two drinks so they normally ask "Iced Chai or Mocha Cookie Crumble?". Starbucks besties are the best!