June 11, 2012

Pregnant Belly Monday - Week 28

this last week has been so positive that i can say with confidence that i am officially excited about being pregnant. my pelvic pain sensations have become much less intense. dare i say they're almost entirely gone? i can walk much easier and i kinda forgot how moving around comfortably can bring a smile to this face. people at work actually said: you seem happier. which, truth be told, is sad. i had no idea i had been pegged the sad, pregnant monster. alas, when you're a smiley person by nature, i suppose it goes heavily noticed when you're less than cheery. #happygirlproblems

hank and i have come to really love our hypnobirthing classes. every tuesday, we learn so much that we're starting to feel empowered and ready to have this bunny boy in a calm and healthy way. we meet the midwife on friday and i'm hopeful that she'll be supportive and encouraging. fingers crossed.

clothes: so remember when i bought these beauties? welp, it's a proven fact! tracking your packages incessantly makes them arrive sooner! i came home to a happy asos package on friday and was all yeeaahh boyeeee, tracking magic. then i tried on all my goodies aaaand 2 don't fit. both shirts were a go. [see: shirt in above photos] but the bright blue skinnies (wah!) and the gorgeous, fabulous dress... bad news: the jeans were too small. good news: the dress was too big! so back they go and don't even doubt that i bought the smaller size in the dress and that i'll be tracking that frock all week, because i did and i will. free shipping both ways is buttah. 

food: i like watermelon. i'd like it more if i could find a nice, juicy, red one. i also like ice cream. all flavors accepted. i still love cereal, on the regular, for every meal maybe. 

obsession: baby registries. word. i thought registering for my wedding was difficult but i was wrong and that was cake compared to the mind-blowing confusion and overwhelming bombardment of baby goods available to me. everything comes in every color and size and brand and type and all of them have 1000 reviews. only some are available at this site and others on this site. and babiesRus is great but target is more convenient and amazon is so universal and buy buy baby is totally new and rad. AHHHH. don't really but um, please, kill me now. 

boobs: still huge. in berlin. big berlin boobs! come and get me, googlers. 

happy pbm! but let's just pretend today is sunday, part 2, with work, yes?  



  1. lmao Berlin boobs again :/ You are adorable and that shirt is too cute! What if you keep the smaller stuff until the baby comes?

  2. Haha I can't even imagine doing a baby registry. I would have to have google open at the same time to google what all the devices were!!

  3. love the striped shirt, these are great pics! good luck registering! think of all fun you can have stalking the registry as things get marked 'purchased'...like tracking packages, but better?

  4. Love da belly. Love da Rivs. Love da you.

    P.S. Wanna eat @ Stacked today??

  5. hip hip hooray for happy pregs! and yay for huge hooters! :)

    and uh, I think I'm finally done with my registry if you want to take a gander. I found Lucie's List (http://www.lucieslist.com/) & the Baby Bargains book really helpful when picking and choosing things to register for. good luck!

  6. You're baby belly is oh, So cute. I have heard that going with a midwife is the only way to go! Aw and, I could not lay off the watermelon when I was pregnant with my little boy. I even froze it ;)

    Beauty Asylum

  7. Oh my gosh you crack me up. And I'm still giggling over the big berlin boobs.

    And seriously, I hope I'm half as cute as you when I get pregnant. I'm contemplating getting pregnasty now just for that shirt you're wearing. The stripes, they speak to me.

  8. You. Look. Amazing. Simply amazing!!! These pictures are gorgeous, girl!!! I hope I look like this at week 28!!!!

  9. You look so peaceful. And your hair... so long and lovely!

  10. I have been so out of the loop Vic... haven't had a chance to read let alone comment. But just wanted you to know that I think you look absolutely GORGEOUS! Love this pic of you admiring bunny boy. I'm glad you're enjoying this time of the pregnancy. It's such an exciting time and before you know it, he'll be here with you guys. Love you lady. Have a fabulous rest of your week.

  11. I'm 32 weeks, my baby daddy and I are doing Hypnobirthing and I TOO am loving me some watermelon. Need I say more? I am going to be following your blog now, that's a given.