June 25, 2012

preggy belly monday: week 30

not much to report except feeling so excited that we're into the last 10 weeks! 10 weeks! 10 weeks! phew. 
lots of movement, per the usual, and new "sensations" on the daily. yesterday greeted me with a lovely stinging/burning under my ribs. little feet, i'm guessing? pinched nerves? who knows but it wasn't my best moment to date. 

we've also been playing our favorites tunes to bunny boy and even bought new headphones to use on the belly and on my ears during labor. i bought these and really like them so far. it is the coolest thing to feel him move sooo much once the music starts going. so far, it seems tom petty and fleetwood mac are his faves. great choices, kid. 

i made my first furniture purchase this weekend! i went to a baby goods flea market with two of my pregnant cohorts and each of us walked away with new baby sleeping arrangements! i got the below, both, for $45. nothin' like a good deal. 

the moses basket fits into the cradle until he's big enough to cradle it up on his own. i'm pretty damn excited about these things. oh, it's a new day, folks, when baby cradles are enough to brighten your week. i'm shocking myself on a regular basis these days. next thing you know, i'm going to want to visit babiesRus and wander the aisles. ahhhh!

but don't fret because i'm still me. haven't washed my hair in 3 days and i just picked my nose. 


giveaway still going on today and tomorrow. yeehaw.


  1. Love the basket and cradle! Great buy!

  2. 10 weeks! WOAH. Almost to the single digits, lady!

    That baby booty! AHHH! That is so cool. Can you make out feet/hands yet? I think that'll be a cool time in pregnancy when that starts to happen for me. I love baby feets.

    Also, our dogs sleep in our bed, too.. so.. no weirdness from me! And your pup laying on bunny is really cute. Like, insane. My little dog Ena likes to lay on my belly, and Arlo has recently started kicking her and it freaks her out like nothing else. I don't know how to get her to understand that it's just her little brother in there and nothing really to be concerned about.. but the looks she gives me tells me she's pretty peeved. ;)

  3. My son just grew out of his moses basket. It was a bittersweet moment. I kept it at the end of our bed empty for weeks. I finally took it out of my room only to put it in his room, you know in case he changes his mind and wants to sleep in it again ; ) Great buy! And what a price!!

  4. Okay. I have a lot of things to say. Let's begin.

    1. It is completely cruel and unfair that you are pregnant and able to wear those boots. I can barely wear those boots when I'm not pregnant, so with the addition of pregnant cankles and ridiculous calves, they are out of the question.

    Moving on.

    2. I have that cradle. I LOVE it. I never kept Iris in our room at night, but I used it for the first several months just when she napped all the time and I could wheel her all over the house. And it was perfect for scooting it up against windows for just the right light of the 3,000 photos I took of her in the first month of her life. (You think I'm joking.)

    3. MY STOMACH IS NEVER THE RIGHT SHAPE. Silly babies. I have a double bump for all of pregnancy between moving organs and funny baby positions. And again. Your butt bump is cute!! WHAT? My double bump looks like a mutation. hahahahaha.

  5. Tom Petty & Fleetwood Mac? Your kid will be awesome no matter what.

    That cradle is amazing! I might get pregnant tonight just so I can remember to buy one.