June 18, 2012

pbm :: week 29

not for nothin' guys but these weeks are flying by. FLY-ING! and it just keeps getting better. i'm serious, i can hardly contain my excitement about meeting and loving this little man. also exciting is the dress i'm wearing today. it's old, like super old, like 7 years old and it was $15 from this store. holla! 

also better is the news from friday's appointment. 

1. met the midwife and holy babyinfo! it's like another world, my friends. she talked a lot and gave me information and asked questions and commented on my belly and on bunny's position. and was like, helpful! yay for awesome midwives. if you have the choice, try it ladies! doctors are for surgeries, midwives are for baby mommas. 

2. my placenta is where it's supposed to be! it is out of the way, jose. and i am clear for natural birthing take-off. roger that. 

3. glucose test passed. i don't really know what the alternative is or what not passing means but i like getting good grades so i'm happy.

bunny size: so we were measuring at 29 weeks on friday, about a week and day ahead of schedule. to the hospital, this means nothing. to me, it means that possibly, maybe he'll arrive a little sooner than anticipated. i believe in my belief!

weight: ok, so i know i said i wasn't going to post about this anymore but apparently i'm a liar and can't help myself. i previously saw it as a scary thing and bad to give any attention to but since i've come to this stage of enjoying pregnancy, i dunno, the numbers just don't scare me at all. it is what it is. and i love how everyone looks so different with weight gain. it's impossible to measure weight through appearance because we all carry it so differently. kinda neat, i think! so, as of today, i have gained 19 lbs. i was up to 20 last week but we've been holding steady at 19 for about 5 days so there ya have it. 

sleep: some nights are fabulous. some nights are meh.

success of the week: i THINK, i'm pretty sure, that i've completed my registries. Hallelujah! Praise Allah! Jeebus in the highest! after all the back and forth of WHERE to register, I finally decided on babiesRus and Amazon.com. and i'm really happy with my decision because i feel like i can find most anything on either website and have the option of different colors and prices. AND if there is anything i like from a random shop, i can add that to the amazon list! entirely comprehensive if you ask me! of course, now i stare at them often just to admire all the fun things. ha! what can i say, i'm a woman obsessed. 

also, i just want to say to you all, thanks so much for following along. it makes me smile, a lot. 



  1. You're are such a cute pregnant Mama!

  2. You are such a stylish lil mama!! ;)

  3. wow I never knew a midwife would be able to tell you all that goodness! And congrats on passing?! << as you can tell I don’t know what means either?!
    And THANK you for allowing us to follow along you have to be the MOST stylish little mom to be that I “know” ..

  4. I love that dress! Also, I'm so glad you are enjoying pregnancy. It makes me slightly more hopeful for the distant future :)

  5. cute outfit! i always thought midwives were for people who didn't want to give birth in a hospital...maybe i'm wrong here? i know for sure i'll need an epidural whenever we have a kid. so whoever can give me one of those is in charge! ha

  6. So cute, just like my sister said! (Oh hello, Love aka Emily) It really does feel like it's going so fast! It feels like just yesterday that you announced that you were pregnant!

  7. you look great in that dress....you make being pregnant look so damn good!

  8. so i guess 39 weeks and 2 days is too late to switch to a mid-wife.. dern, next time!

  9. congrats on finishing your registries! and yay to placenta movement!

  10. That dress is amazingggggg. And dont mind me, Im going through all your PBM posts and being jealous of how cute you are.