June 4, 2012

pbm: week 27

here we are, in week 27 - that's very close to 30, which is close to 40, which is awesome!

based on many opposing and confusing ideas on when the third trimester actually starts, i've decided to call this week my official first week of the 3rd and FINAL season of baby making. Oh, home stretch, I like you. I like you so very much. 

bunny stats: he weighs over 2 lbs now and can cry and grab things! to strengthen our bond, i've been crying and grabbing things out here in the real world too. today, alone, i've grabbed 3 cookies and shoved them into my mouth. and then i cried because my body became aggressive and showed me that digesting 3 cookies all at once is not easy anymore. ouch. 

bunny also kicks like a madman, all the time. i know i always note this but it's just so constant, that it must be said. lately, his kicking is of the spaz nature. like someone trying to swat a fly off every part of their body. fast and well, spaz-ish. and then there are the slooowww, turning kind of kicks which make me laugh because well, it tickles. if i'm laughing for no reason, that is why, kids. 

sleep: if i can get to sleep quickly, in any position, i am happy. it takes SO much maneuvering to find that sweet spot and it changes every night. i think its because shit is moving around in there and sometimes, lying on your lungs is bad for breathing.  i've actually been sleeping on my back a lot - which i've heard you're not supposed to do/want to do. booshit, books and internets. booshit. 

doctor things: i finally made the switch from ob/gyn to midwife! a midwife is required to deliver in the birthing center i prefer and i've been lagging on getting around to it. which, as always, is silly because once i did it, it took all of 10 minutes on the phone. my first appointment with the midwife is june 15th! that's also the day of my ultrasound, where they will most definitely tell me that my placenta hath moved and natural childbirth is in my future! fingers crossed. 

food: watermelon is my new bestie. i want it, always. now! give it to me! 



  1. Third trimester?! You're so official...and I'm missing my daily Rivs talks...tomorrow I'll be back in the game.

  2. Wow!! I can't believe you're already in the 3rd trimester. It feels like just yesterday you told us all you were pregnant. That little guy is growing fast!

  3. He will be here before you know it! His kicking sounds hilarious! Glad you are getting some sleep...that is what I will be really nervous about when I am pregnant. I love sleep!

  4. Oh my heart just fluttered! No babies for me yet.. but the analogy of your baby kicking and it tickling your tummy made me crack up. I honestly can’t wait to experience that moment I’m sure it’s amazing!!
    Like muh gawd someone is really living in there!!

  5. I love your blog!!
    I'm your newest follower :)
    You and your preggo belly are basically the cutest.


    1. haha - thanks aubri! i kinda think your name is the cutest.