June 28, 2012

the land of lakes...and silos, corn fields, dairy queens, and slow drivers

turns out i didn't need to worry about my flight at all, guys! we flew delta and um, have you been in their seats lately?? they recline in a super awesome way. not only do the seat backs recline but the seat bottom slides forward at the same time! it's loungetastic! thanks delta, i appreciate the innovation. 

and as i lounged about the plane, sitting criss-cross applesauce, i read the entire time on my bestie kindle. currently i'm reading bringing up bebe (thanks carrie!!) and i'm loving it. even if french parenting tactics prove to be nothing more than common sense, its still neat to read about all the things i'll be able to do in just a few short months. can. not. wait. 

so we know i didn't need to worry about flying but maybe, just maybe, i should have worried a little more about pregnancy brain packing. as in, i forgot EVERYTHING. 

let's run down the list, yes?

* bathing suit - how does one NOT bring a bathing suit to the sweltering land of lakes, the lakes we've planned on jumping into?! didn't even cross my mind, folks. 

* computer - i'm not in the wedding, hank is. that means he's got a lot of activities to keep him busy whilst i am chillin' in the hotel and exploring this town of 2 streets. a computer (mine, with all my programs and shizz) would have been swell. gah. 

* face wash - it's cool. i'll just use the luxurious bar of hotel provided soap. it's so deliciously drying. mmmm

* razor - sometimes hair grows on my legs and other um, places and gee, it'd be super cool to display that to everyone in my non-existent bathing suit at the lake...

* camera - nope, never been here before. let's take some photos! oh, wait. i forgot my camera. oh hey there iPhone, good thing you've got a decent battery because you're my everything!!! wah. 

as i said, pregnancy brain to the maximillionness. to further prove that i live in babyland, i give you the things i DID remember to bring. 

* body pillow - lately, i can't sleep without this baby and so i had hank stuff it into his golf bag. drivers, wedges and pillows. check! 

* 7 bras - not. even. kidding. boobs are a serious problem for this baby maker and yeah, every day and shirt requires a different one, with alternate options for optimum comfort. 

* belly butter - this is lotion for big, stretching bellies. gotta have it at all times. yes, i've already applied some in my hotel room. maybe twice. 

* 5 dresses and 4 pairs of pants - oh what, nothing fits me anymore! it's a daily challenge. 

in an effort to rectify my forgetfulness, i might be on my way to target in the next 15 minutes. i know, i know.
but its cool, i'll just have hank transfer money before i go. juuuuuuust kidding!



  1. I'm horrible at packing too. I ALWAYS forget important things and pack too much of the things that don't even matter. have fun on your vacay...can't wait to see your iPhone pics :)


  2. I love those new seats on planes! I feel ya on the camera - forgot mine going to Mexico and had to resort to the phone - and Picasa editing!

  3. Omg buy me stuff at Target!! I totally started singing "Oh vicki youre so fine, youre so fine you blow my mind" when I clicked on your page. Im sure you hear that nonstop so apologies my lady but I had to share.

  4. What. What.
    Why didn't we fly DELTA to Mexico?! Making sure to get the hubs on this immediately.

  5. Pretty photos! Have fun!

    Lindsey Turner

  6. hahaha, i've heard pregnancy brain is a real problem. But shoot, if forgetting all your stuff means getting to go to target for replacements, I'm all for it!

  7. You took those photos with an iPhone? They're gorgeous! Your pregnancy brain is hilarious, but Target cures all. Enjoy the wedding!

  8. i got so sick of forgetting things i wrote a checklist before our last holiday, that is how cool i am ;)

  9. I always forget things when I travel and, sadly, I can't blame it on baby brain. :(

    Also, did someone say "Dairy Queen" because I could use a little DQ in my life right now.

  10. PLEASE tell me you jumped in our beautiful lakes! :) Good thing you left when you did, however. It's a sweltering 104 now. :)