June 8, 2012

flashback friday


hank and i had been dating for less than a year and we had spent most days of these first 9 months together. we've since spent most days of our last 6 years together as well. but oh that first year. how amazing is the first year?! everything is flirting. everything is exciting. everything is everything. 

and while the first year holds a lot of firsts, we're finding that every year is kinda like that. there are always new things to experience together, say, for instance...making a baby! yep, no shortage of firsts there. 

happy friday, lovies! 


  1. Trev and I talk about this a lot. We have been together so long--that mushy, gushy goodness seems so far away. And yet we keep growing. We keep changing on our own, together, keep experiencing things. There's always something new to be had!

  2. So sweet. It's amazing how relationships grow and even things you've done together a million times can still be fun and feel so fresh.

  3. Still feels like you keep learning about that person!And yellow lucky baby those are some HOT parents!!

  4. We started dating in July of 2006. I was in high school and Rusty was 5 years older. My dad was a walking wrath of doom until I graduated. Ha! I love looking at old photos. You guys are so cute. Your bunny is gonna be adorable.

  5. Just found your blog, thanks to my sister, empirically erin. Love it! You are hilarious, btdub.